Tuesday, July 28, 2015

School's Out!! July 27, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

So this week was good :) Probably walked like twenty miles at least, but hey its so good for me :) I ain't complaining :) So guess who's companion got her visa!! Mine!! She leaves at the end of the transfer so we will be together for one more month! We are so excited! We have been cracking down on Portuguese to help prepare her as much as possible! 

So this week we were able to teach a Brazilian named Bia. We took her on a church tour and she wants to be baptized! But.. we weren't able to meet with her again afterwards.. so we will find her again this week! She is really open to learning more and I have hope that she will be baptized! And its good practice for Sister Crump :) 

One of my weaknesses i feel has been street contacting. I haven't really done a ton of it, but her it is mostly what we do! Its really fun, and I'm getting a lot better. Sister Crump is still quiet, but I'm trying to beat that out of her! :) Another activity we do is have a booth at the local farmers market! And we make balloon animals! So thats another skill I can say I learned on my mission :) I'm really good at making swords:) 

We had interviews with our mission president and his wife this week. Holy cow. They are incredible.. I want to carry them around with me because they have such a love and confidence about them! She has a masters in marriage and family counseling and he was an institute teacher at USU. So she gets things out of you you didn't know were in there, and he is a scripture machine. I can already tell a difference in my attitude and mentality. It was amazing and I just adore them! She gave me some amazing advice to face the challenges that I have right now. She just pumps me up. 

So like I said above.. School is out. that means we won't be that busy because most of the members are out of town, and campus is empty. So pray that we will be able to fulfill our purpose and much as we can this week! We are still getting to know a lot of the members and there was been little miracles every day! Its so cool because as a missionary, you actively seek miracles. And when you do that you actually see what the Lord does for us each day! :) Well have a good week :) Love you all!!

Sister Adamson

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