Tuesday, July 7, 2015

People Are Nuts. June 23, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

Well this week went by way fast! We were able to go to the temple this week so our pday was switched to today! It was great! We went with the best cutest old couple in our ward the Wills! They crack us up! Ill send a picture of them! So that was awesome!!

Other than that.. not much happened this week. There was a HUGE issue this week with some members though. I can't even go into detail right now. But there was a lot of mis communication. Super frustrating. And the member in our ward took it out on us. He was so offended by something so so dumb. The issue was that we were getting a ride with him to the temple and our Zone Leaders told us that we had to have a woman take us. Not two men like our current ride told us he had. So we switched rides, and man was that member offended. Went all crazy asking us if the bishop told us we couldn't ride with him, said we didn't appreciate all he does for us. It was nuts and so unneeded. But i did learn a big lesson on how to resolve issues with people. Hopefully that member still likes us.. It caused us a lot of stress. I have learned to shrug things like that off. It really was getting to Sister Ellis though. It was just a bad situation. 

So my companion Sister Ellis. I haven't said much about her because i didn't want to speak badly of her. But its hard to work with her. She isn't a super hard worker and isn't every adaptable. Changing to this area has been really hard on her and its affecting the work. So thats been a good lesson to try and work things out with her without being mean about it. So thats a work in process. When we are teaching though, shes a great teacher. So i know there is a lot I can still learn from her! 

So the Bakers haven't been progressing as much as we would like.. He keeps going back to smoking and alcohol.. agency sucks.. it really does. So we will keep working on him. He always begs us to not give us on him, and we won't. He just needs to put effort in as well. 

The stake president (mom you met him) President Ballard has this awesome idea for the sister missionaries to go and participate in the girls camp and give a little presentation and relate to all the girls! Which is awesome!! Its not until the end of July though.. so hopefully i'll be here for it!! Also we had to say goodbye to our mission president and his wife this week! Man they are awesome people. I didn't get to be that close with them, but they are amazing examples and i really learned a lot from them this last time we met with them! I want to be like them when I'm married!! Well i love you all! Have a great week and read your lovely scriptures!! :) Church is true! 

Sister Adamson

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