Thursday, June 23, 2016

More Pictures!!

A dead little mousey! 

Triple Trios! June 21, 2016

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was nuts!! So first of all, Sister Empey went home on medical release on Tuesday :( It was sad to see her go! She was a great missionary and a very hard worker! And she loved her mission! So if any of you find yourself in Bunkerville, NV definitely stop in and say hello :)

With me being companionless.. I was in three different trios this week! It was fun! I got to work in four different areas too! So it was an adventurous week that flew by!! With all the craziness we were still able to do enough work in Silver Lake. 

Ron and Maribelle- We weren't able to see them last week, but we are meeting with them tonight! So I'll let you know how it goes next week! 

Sharmmany- She already left for California for the summer.. but the ward will pick her right back up when she gets home. She will also be going to girls camp! So thats fun :) 

Jackie- We met her a few weeks ago. She is a young mom with two kids and her husband name is Cory. We were going to try and contact her again and no one was home.. so we start walking away and lo and behold-they started coming around the corner. She let us in and we talked to her for awhile. We set-up a return appointment for the next day. We went back and talk her the Restoration and left her with a Book of Mormon. She loved most of it. Joseph Smith she was a little more hesitant about, but she said she would read and pray! And we will see her this week again! She really wants an eternal family! And that can only be found in the gospel :) We love her she is a great mom :) 

Ayla- A 15 year-old in our ward that can't be baptized until she is 16. We teach her the lessons and help her gain a testimony of the gospel. Like most teenagers she is simply going through the motions of things. After our lesson this week, she told us that due to some custody issues, she might be able to get baptized sooner! She said that was a wake-up call! So we committed her to read the Book of Mormon and start gaining her own testimony of it! She is excited about it, and a little nervous, because she felt that she had time! So its a blessing how our Heavenly Father works :) 

I think that's all the people I want to update you on! I'm excited to spend my last few weeks here! My new companion is Sister Arnett :) I love her!!! She is such a cutie and we had the same trainer :) So it will be a fun last few weeks with her! 


Sister Adamson

Friday, June 17, 2016

Sharmmany :) June 13, 2016

Dear Family and Friends!

So quick update on Ron and Maribelle! We taught them the gospel of Jesus Christ last Monday and they again loved it! When the spirit was strong, we invited them to be baptized! But then Ron had a question.. He doesn't quite get the priesthood yet.. We did our best to explain, but that's a hard thing for a lot of people to get. So we left them with some scriptures to read and invited them to pray about it. They of course, being the awesome sincere people they are said they would. We also invited them to come to Sharmmany's baptism, but they didn't respond. We are planning on stopping by this evening and trying to help them overcome their concerns. We loved teaching them! so hopefully they had a spiritual experience reading the Book of Mormon this week. 

Next, Sharmmany got baptized!!! AHH!!! It was so great! We were a little nervous about it all happening, because we weren't able to meet with her as much as we would have liked. So we met with her the day before she was going to be interviewed and went over some things with her and she did great! We felt a confirmation that going ahead with the baptism was the best thing for her! So we did :) She passed her interview and was baptized on Sunday :) It was a great baptism and the ward came to support her a lot :) it was cool to see :) She was SOOO happy afterwards :) I have never seen anyone so happy :) It was such a blessing to be able to teach her and watch her be baptized!! So that was great :) 

We also had an amazing Stake Conference this weekend! We had a general authority visit and that was awesome! I could listen to him speak forever! :) He gave lots of good teachings. Hopefully I'll be able to share some at my homecoming talk soon! We will see! We have been very blessed this week and I have seen how the Lord uses us in our weaknesses. He is able to do His work. Even if we, His servants struggles, He will bring others the gospel through His spirit. I love being a missionary and feeling the spirit guide and direct me! :) 

Next week is transfers! My last transfer in the field! I know I'll stay here in Silver Lake! I have loved this ward and trying to find people to teach amidst all of the cows and fields :) haha It's a fun area! Love you all have a great week :) 


Sister Adamson

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Some Pictures June 6, 2016

Running in the Park

Sister S

Car Character

Sister Empey's birthday!

Crazy Awesome :) June 6, 2016

Dear Family and Friends,

So this week was pretty crazy, but like I said totally awesome!! The first of the week, I had a meeting down in Spokane with President and it was amazing!! We learned more about how all-knowing Christ and God are and because we know that about them, we can have more faith in them! I won't even try to explain how he taught it to us, but I'm coming home soon enough I could just tell you! But afterwards, Sister Empey was feeling pretty sick and exhausted this week so she stayed down in Spokane for about two days. I was basically a homeless person during that time sleeping on the floor and being passed between two companionship so we could cover all of our appointments. I was soo tired!! But is all worked out! 

So some really cool things happened this week. First of all Sharmmany is still doing well! She learns really slow, but we feel she will be ready for this Sunday :) We love her and she is the most innocent and sincere person. I know that the light of Christ is in her, because her family life is really hard. We don't know much, but she tells us things here and there and it makes me so grateful for the gospel. I have been so blessed with amazing parents and siblings that have loved me and taught me how to make good choices and how to reach my full potential. I love how the gospel helps our families be happy. I have gained such a testimony of that! 

Also we taught some investigators Maribelle and Ron this week. We taught them the Plan of Salvation and it was amazing! The best lesson on that I have been apart of my whole mission. They don't have much knowledge of the church or the Book of Mormon (which is super nice because they don't have any pre-conceived notions about us). They LOVED it! Asked amazing questions and I was soo happy to answer them! I felt the truthfulness of the message as we taught! Maribelle-the first thing she said when we walked in was "I love this book" (holding up a Book of Mormon). And Ron greeted us with a happy "Hello Sisters!!" Even though that was only the second we have ever met him. I am so excited to teach them! They are amazing! We just need to get the ward involved more with them! So that will be fun :) 

Remember the Evans family last week? We weren't able to go see them, but we re-scheduled for dinner tonight! :) so i'm excited to meet them!! And one final miracle! So there is a part-member family here that we have been trying to contact. We found out from a previous visit that the mom (the non-member) and Sister Empey are related somehow because they both have the last name Doney in their family. So Sister Empey went into and wrote down some names to compare. Last night, we stopped by and went over some names. Turns out they are a lot closer than they thought! We are going back tonight to go over it more and hopefully invite her to take the lessons! There is something behind her being so excited about her ancestors, its because we are apart of an eternal family. We are all apart of God's family! :)

We saw so many miracles this week and were so blessed! I love seeing the Lord do His work through us. It's not us, its our Heavenly Father! 
Sister Adamson

Heavenly Father Knows!! May 31, 2016

Dear Family and Friends,

Let me just start by saying how much Heavenly Father is aware of us and prepares us for upcoming obstacles. Because he does. We had a great beginning of the week! Sharmmany is still doing well! Asked us during a lesson how long she has to be a member before she can serve a mission!! It was the cutest thing ever!! She came to church and to the ward BBQ where she had a blast. She is the happiest 14 year old I have ever meet! We are still planning her baptism on the 12th! So thats exciting! We can all learn a lot from Sharmmany and her simply joy. About everything she owns is from Goodwill and her family lives in a garage.. so not too many worldly things, but she is so much happier than those who have so much more than her. 

Also we taught Tracey twice this week. She wants to be baptized, but we aren't sure exactly that she knows what that means yet.. But she is great to teach and is a very grateful person. We have only had a few real lesson with her, and it will be hard to get her to church because of her health problems, but all in due time!! :) She just downloaded the gospel library app so she can start reading the Book of Mormon!! :) So thats exciting. 

We also were able to contact this family that has lived here for about two years and hasn't come to church yet. No one in the ward has been able to contact them either. So we went by a week or so ago and we just caught the dad and two kids so we couldn't stay. We went by again and just barely missed the mom again.. But the Dad (Brother Evans) said how excited the wife was to meet us! And we set an appointment for later this week. I LOVE it when people are just ready to come back to church. I was so excited when we walked back to the car!! :) Sister Empey probably thought I was crazy because I was doing a little finger dance with my hands in the most professional missionary way possible. :) 

So we were blessed soo much this week. While contacting in Medical Lake, we talked to so many people who wanted to 'save us' and invited us to read the bible. And I always say I do everyday! Thank you!! :) haha A lady also asked us, "If you got rid of the Book of Mormon or stopped being apart of the LDS faith would you feel like you were missing something?" My answer: YES!!! Which surprised her. I would not to live my life another way. I have gained to much knowledge and blessings, and once I have seen them, how could I just forget about it?? I can't!! So that was great to be able to say that and mean it!!! 

We had so many blessings this week. I really like it here! Even though its small town and boonieville its an adventure! But like I said at first, Heavenly Father blesses us so much and prepares us for future struggles. Sister Empey wasn't feeling well on Saturday. But we went out and worked and did all we could that day to serve and help others. And everything worked out for our good! We had a ward BBQ and Sister Empey was having a ball with Sharmmany :) and had a few lessons and was able to serve at a horse training facility (Which Sister Empey loves horses). So Heavenly Father was watching out for her that day :) I love this church and this gospel AND my mission :) Have a great week!!


Sister Adamson