Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Sandpoint!!! June 1, 2015

Dear Family and Friends!

So the cats out of the bag.. I'm staying in Sandpoint! I'll be here until July at least! I'm happy with it :) I love it here and I really felt like there is more for me to do here! So I'm happy i'm staying! So Sister Mills is leaving and I will miss her soo so much! We had so much fun together and I learned a lot from her! now have Sister Ellis. I met her tomorrow! But she is A STL (Sister Training Leader) So she should be awesome! I'm excited! I get to teach another person about all the amazing people and places here! So about this week..

We met with Ben again. The Catholic that was super open to learning and finding the truth. He has become much much less humble. He started out our lesson with just so you know, I won't be a Mormon.. So Well see. We had a good conversation and lesson about the gospel of Jesus Christ and read some of the Book of Mormon. He is willing to meet again but can only do every other week. So we will see. He makes no sense when we talks, because he doesn't even understand his own church and he contradicts himself so much. 

Next, The Bakers! So he came to church again! And we think his girlfriend is a little more open to the gospel. She has good and bad days about it. Also he hasn't been smoking! Its such a blessing to see him change and grow. He wants to go to the temple a year from now and is working with the bishop to do so! So we are excited for him and his family! 

We have an on date investigator named Amy! She is about 20 and from an inactive/part member family. I was on other visits on splits so i wasn't able to teach her, but i will this week! She is excited and feels very welcomed in our little YSA branch up here! They are killing it with missionary work! We have a lot of RMs and we are excited about growing the branch! there were like 30 people there on Sunday!! So we are pumped!!

Now onto the Phillips. She is a less active convert and he is not a member. they have three kids, one who plays soccer, so we have that connection! By the way, soccer has got me in lots of doors and conversations that were important to earning trust of people. So that has been a big blessing!  We have been working with them for awhile, but we always caught them at bad times. This last week she really opened up to us about her feelings of the church and we are hoping to see them about every Sunday night and teach them! So we are excited! they will be such a great family and addition to our ward! 

I just want to say how amazing it is when members of the church live and love the gospel! The members here are great and they have taught me so much! I've been blessed to associate with them! So I want to encourage you all the live the gospel more fully in your lives! The happiness that comes from it will change your life!! I love you all and thank you for all your support and love!! Until next week!  

PS this is a picture of sister moore! She was sick so she didn't come to church this week! But she is coming back! Isn't she just a doll?? Haha :) 
Sister Adamson