Thursday, June 9, 2016

Heavenly Father Knows!! May 31, 2016

Dear Family and Friends,

Let me just start by saying how much Heavenly Father is aware of us and prepares us for upcoming obstacles. Because he does. We had a great beginning of the week! Sharmmany is still doing well! Asked us during a lesson how long she has to be a member before she can serve a mission!! It was the cutest thing ever!! She came to church and to the ward BBQ where she had a blast. She is the happiest 14 year old I have ever meet! We are still planning her baptism on the 12th! So thats exciting! We can all learn a lot from Sharmmany and her simply joy. About everything she owns is from Goodwill and her family lives in a garage.. so not too many worldly things, but she is so much happier than those who have so much more than her. 

Also we taught Tracey twice this week. She wants to be baptized, but we aren't sure exactly that she knows what that means yet.. But she is great to teach and is a very grateful person. We have only had a few real lesson with her, and it will be hard to get her to church because of her health problems, but all in due time!! :) She just downloaded the gospel library app so she can start reading the Book of Mormon!! :) So thats exciting. 

We also were able to contact this family that has lived here for about two years and hasn't come to church yet. No one in the ward has been able to contact them either. So we went by a week or so ago and we just caught the dad and two kids so we couldn't stay. We went by again and just barely missed the mom again.. But the Dad (Brother Evans) said how excited the wife was to meet us! And we set an appointment for later this week. I LOVE it when people are just ready to come back to church. I was so excited when we walked back to the car!! :) Sister Empey probably thought I was crazy because I was doing a little finger dance with my hands in the most professional missionary way possible. :) 

So we were blessed soo much this week. While contacting in Medical Lake, we talked to so many people who wanted to 'save us' and invited us to read the bible. And I always say I do everyday! Thank you!! :) haha A lady also asked us, "If you got rid of the Book of Mormon or stopped being apart of the LDS faith would you feel like you were missing something?" My answer: YES!!! Which surprised her. I would not to live my life another way. I have gained to much knowledge and blessings, and once I have seen them, how could I just forget about it?? I can't!! So that was great to be able to say that and mean it!!! 

We had so many blessings this week. I really like it here! Even though its small town and boonieville its an adventure! But like I said at first, Heavenly Father blesses us so much and prepares us for future struggles. Sister Empey wasn't feeling well on Saturday. But we went out and worked and did all we could that day to serve and help others. And everything worked out for our good! We had a ward BBQ and Sister Empey was having a ball with Sharmmany :) and had a few lessons and was able to serve at a horse training facility (Which Sister Empey loves horses). So Heavenly Father was watching out for her that day :) I love this church and this gospel AND my mission :) Have a great week!!


Sister Adamson

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