Monday, July 20, 2015

Bye Bye Sandpoint!!‏ July 13, 2015

Dear Family and Friends!

Well I have finally been transferred! I thought I didn't want to leave, but I'm actually very excited about it :) So i'm second training a visa waiter to Brazil! So I get to maybe pick up some Portuguese with her! So thats exciting :) Her name is Sister Crump and I get to meet her tomorrow! I'm going to Moscow, Idaho and am going to be over three YSA wards! WHOO! So that will be a new adventure! 

This last week was awesome! We had great lessons with the Bakers, and he is working more on quitting smoking and he came to church! We made a lot of progress with Tabitha his girlfriend and shes starting to read the Book of Mormon! So thats exciting! Hopefully they will continue to progress! Also we (Well not my anymore) are going to start teaching Amy the YSA age girl again! We had a great lesson with her about the Holy Ghost and she had lots of questions! Also a YSA named Courtney moved in with her boyfriend.. but he is going to start taking the discussions!! So she will be reactivated and he will be baptized :) Also John (the one with cancer) is doing well and we had two new investigators Leandra and Steve! So I don't know what we did this week to be so blessed, but it was awesome to see! Such blessings from the Lord :) 

So I am bummed that I won't be able to participate in girls camp anymore.. but thats ok. I just love the young women so much! We were able to go to their class this last Sunday and man i was bawling.. We were just talking about ordinances like baptism and temple sealing. But the spirit was so strong and just testified to me of the blessings of being members of this church. ETERNAL FAMILIES!! Such comfort we all can have from that knowledge. 

So Sister Ellis and I are leaving each other on a really good note. We had a great week and I really feel I learned (most of) the lessons Heavenly Father wanted me to. I just feel so blessed to have been in Sandpoint so long. I love it here so much and I will miss all the amazing families and people i was able to work with! So her goes another adventure!! :) Let you know next week how it goes :) Also.. My address WILL change! So dont send me a letter until i get my new one! :) Thank you muchly :) Love you all!!! 

Sister Adamson


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