Tuesday, July 7, 2015

New Mission Pres!! July 6, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,
We got to meet our new mission president and his wife this week! They are awesome! And I can already tell I'm going to connect with them way better than my last ones! Much more down to earth and real. So I'm excited! 
So this week we had an awesome lesson with the Bakers. We had some priest in the ward come over and give him a blessing and one on his home as well. It was super spiritual. They gave him so much support and encouragement, which is what he needs. I was able to testify of the Atonement and its reality to him. I said how there is no way the Savior would do what he did, if he didn't think we could do it. I have never felt the spirit working through so strongly. I almost started crying when I was speaking to him. We made a lot of progress with Tabitha his girlfriend too. She is just starting to trust us a lot more. She just works on Sundays so she can't ever come.. But I really love this family and I want them to be happy. Its that darn agency.. They have a long ways to go, but they can do it with Christ!! I know it!!
On the Fourth we were able to the the Sandpoint parade with Katie and Chad Karr who are in our ward. Katie (Bowen) went to Alta and her younger brother is my age and is getting home from his mission this week! Crazy!! But they invited their non-member co worker so we got to meet her! And her name is Emilee! She is 19 and a sweetheart from Canada! She hopefully we will get the ball rolling on that! Then we just worked all day. We went to a BBQ with some members then another BBQ with the people in our apartment complex. Yes they were all not members and smoking and such haha. But they invited us! And now they know a little bit about the church and that we are normal people! So that was good :) 
We had a lot of tender mercies this week! Its been great up here in Sandpoint! Almost been six months up here! Our stake president wants us to participate in girls camp and relate to them and help them in any way that we can! Because its scary to be a teenage girl right now. I'm so excited for this opprotunity! I love working with the youth! But girls camp is after transfers next week.. so we will see.. I want to stay for that, and President Ballard is calling our mission president trying to convince him to let us stay another transfer :) so we will see! We will find out next week!! 

I have gained such a testimony of the scriptures and the power they have! Always be reading them, because they are the how to book on happiness! You Hear Me!?!?!? Anyways, love you all! Have a great week!

Sister Adamson

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