Monday, July 20, 2015

Moscow!!! July 20, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

This is my new address!! 

274 Baker Street #111
Moscow, ID 83843

So holy crap welcome home Jack!! I'm so happy you are home!! So I was given false information last week.. turns out I'm in married student wards.. and we swept into two wards. So I'm over three different wards. Missionary work is a lot different here. We spend most of the day street contacting on campus. And its summer school.. and summer school ends next week.. so its empty now, but it will be even more empty next week... So missionary work is hard here. When I got transferred here everyone told me how the work is dead here. I didn't want to believe them, but it kind of is. Its hard to get busy, college kids, and young families excited about missionary work. But I still have faith that things will start happening here!

So we walk a lot more than Sister Adamson is used to.. haha so she's a little sore to say the least.. haha but its good for me :) I really enjoy talking to people, and I'm good at making conversations not awkward (for the most part). So I've come a long way :) So I have cute Sister Crump!! She is a visa waiter to Brazil so we get to study Portuguese together! And its way different then I thought it was! But thats fun! Its fun training her, and I can really see my growth since I came out. I feel like I was just like her when I came out so hopefully I'll be able to help her avoid the things that were tripping me up a bit at the beginning! We get along really well :) 

So the wards we are in are all combined during sacrament now and holy moly was it loud!! I have never had such a hard time listening in EVERY meeting because the kids were insane! So this is more motivation for me to get my kids reverent for sacrament meeting.. So its going to be hard having spiritual Sundays in that aspect, but hey thats the way the cookie crumbles :) 

So like I said, I can really tell now that I have a new area, and senior comp how much I've grown. Things I was struggling with a lot at the beginning, like having faith, hope, charity come to me much easier now! Its really cool to see. I'm very grateful for my mission so far, and I'm loving the things I am learning! I love the scriptures, and they really have come to life for me. I've seen things from my patriarchal blessing come true as I am doing my best here! I'm so grateful for that! :) Love you all!! Thanks for all the support!

Sister Adamson

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