Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Humility--Who Knew? June 15, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

Lots and lots of lessons for Sister Adamson to learn :) Lets just say that!! Well quick update on the peeps... Brother Baker.. So he smoked again :( but he is still trying! We weren't able to see him as much as we wanted to this week. He really needs that support. So we went to his house Sunday morning and he wasn't dressed or anything.. so we told him that we still loved him and still wanted the best for him and his family and went to church. So at the beginning of sacrament meeting, who walked in and sat down by us?? THE BAKERS!! (not his girlfriend though) they were just in normal clothes! But they came!! We were so so happy!! Greatest day of my life!! So that was awesome! 

Next, we taught Paieton. She is 13 and is a daughter (kind of) of a less active. She has already read the BOM. Like what? She is kind of gothic, but she has had a lot of trials in her life. We were able to teach her the Plan of Salvation and she was answering all the questions and was very interactive! It was great! We just hope she won't let what her friends think become too much of an issue. 

So we got to meet Elder L. Whitney Clayton this week! He came to Spokane! And i got to see my girl Sister Mills again!! We were so happy! And we got to sit by each other :) I love her and miss her so much! She said her mom asked her if she was sad to leave Sandpoint or the people here. And she said she was a little, but she would mostly miss me. She felt like she was in Sandpoint for me and no one else. I'm not saying this in a way like I taught her anything profound, but it was she that taught me. She was so meant to be my companion at that time. She helped me through some hard times and I'll always love her for that! So when she told me that I started crying.. haha you know me. Tender soul. But she really changed me and made me so much better!! I love my Mills!! Elder Clayton was great too! He is a great speaker :) It was also one of the last times to hear from our mission president and his wife! We will see them one more time this week! Then its President Dymock! I'm excited! And guess what...?? We will get Ipads!!! I don't know how soon or anything, but we will with the new president!! :) 

So since I've been here for so long, and its not a very big town.. I know so many people here.. we can't walk down a street and anything without me knowing someone. Members and non members. Sister Ellis is getting sick of me talking to all these people she has no idea who they are! But oh well :) I feel like I'm part of this place! Its going to be weird to finally leave!! 

So with my studies this week I've been focusing a lot on finding new people and how I can be a better missionary. I also got a few wake-up calls this week that made me realized that I'm not doing all I could be. Holy cow is that humbling. Its so humbling to know that we need help, that we have so much to work on, how we should be constantly improving, we are so weak minded it makes me want to slap something. But its also so empowering to know that there is a way to improve. To get better, to become our best selves. And thats by humbling ourselves and living the gospel as best as we can. We need to ask for help and realize that we cannot go through this life on our own!! Took me awhile to learn that eh? And no i'm not getting a Canadian accent from living so close to Canada. 

Anyways things are going here!! Sandpoint and the lake are gorgeous this time of year! I'm so so spoiled! :) I love this gospel and the scriptures!! Read them :) Nough said! Talk to you next week! :) love you all! 

Sister Adamson

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