Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Well What a Week June 29, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

Good morning all!! So this has was good! Sister Ellis and I are doing a lot better. We had a little chit chat and worked things out. So we are a lot better! you really do learn how to handle people on your mission. We are helping each other work on things so we can be better! So that was a blessing and I'm excited to keep working and learning with her!! She really is such a strong person. She only got baptized almost two years ago! So it took a lot of strength to come out here when she did. And guess what?? She was baptized on my birthday!! Whoo!! party!! haha

So we started teaching John again. He got cancer so now he is almost toothless and bald.. i couldn't recognize him. But I really think he has a lot of potential and hopefully he will have a more sincere desire this time. So we are excited to see how he will progress! 

Sister Sharples is the best!! So we have been reading the Book of Mormon with her and we are in 3 Nephi! Its amazing the strength that she has gained just by reading it! She has grown so much! Its been so cool to see the changes she is making to get herself to the temple! Its awesome! 

So I learned so much this past week at church! We talked a lot about the difference between the church and the gospel. The church and simple attending it, will not save you. Its the gospel that saves you. The church is just God's vehicle for getting us where he wants us to be! Its the perfect places to grow and learn. So no, just simply going to church will not save you if you aren't living the gospel! I also learned about how important it is to build a foundation on Christ. We really should have a strong connection with Christ, because He is the one who will always stay with us and build us up. Things like friends, work, sports and different things like that can be taken away is this life. So i need to work a lot on my relationship with Christ and I challenge you all the to do the same! 

The gospel is great and I love all that I'm learning!! Also since its fourth of July, I'm going to wear red white and blue every day this week :) thats how exciting my life is! Love you all!! Happy fourth of July!!

Sister Adamson

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