Friday, August 21, 2015

Crazies :) August 3, 2015

Dear Family and Friends!

Well to start out with, you meet the weirdest people on missions.. At the farmers market we talked to this guy who believes that Jesus was the level 12 avatar.. How do these people function in society?? Well the lesson here is that the more people I meet and learn about their beliefs, the stronger my knowledge is that this is the true gospel! I'm so grateful for the knowledge of the gospel and of Heavenly Father's plan for us! It helps me every day :) 

So I got to go on exchanges to Pullman where WSU is. We street contacted practically all day there. It was fun and there are a lot more people there so we got to talk to a lot of people! It was fun!! Some people look at us so strangely, but then you just start talking to them and help them realized that even though we are missionaries, we aren't there to steal their souls.. haha people just crack me up. 

We got this great training about how to do better street contacts. Instead of asking questions that lead to yes or no answers, like have you heard of our church.. etc. We should ask what they know about Jesus Christ, and what He has meant to them. It may seem obvious to ask more questions like that, but hey we are just missionaries trying to figure it out :) We aren't perfect!! So thats been cool implementing with people. We can connect so much better with people that way, and they really do start opening up to us. Street contacting has been on of my weaknesses I feel. We didn't do much of it in Sandpoint, and now that like all we do. Now I feel that it is almost on of my strengths! I'm becoming a more well-rounded missionary. Its so great to see how Heavenly Father helps you grow!!

We had dinner with on of the bishops this week and it was great! We taught them a lesson about enduring to the end and you could tell they felt the spirit. Thats something I love helping people feel! Another reason why I love being a missionary! The spirit is so real and it touches our lives EVERY DAY! We just have to be looking for it! So on Sunday that same bishop bore his testimony and it was all on missionary work!! He mentioned us and encouraged the all the wards to help us in our missionary efforts! It was so cool!! So the wards are getting a little more missionary minded! We are excited! 

There is a girl who is getting married in two weeks and will be moving into one of our wards named Kimber. Shes not getting married in the temple, because she has been dis-fellowshipped from the church. She still has a good testimony and her fiance is a member as well. We decided to meet with her and we talked to her about God's love for her. Right when we started, she teared up and said "You sisters are so on top of it, stop listening to the spirit!" it was funny :) It was just something she really needed to hear! Just another testimony that this is the Lords work!! Well That was my week! Thank you for all the support and prayers! It really helps!! Love you all!!

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