Friday, August 21, 2015

Sickly Habenero! August 11, 2015

Dear Family and Friends!

Well hello there peeps! Long time to talk! This week has been full of random great things! So first off to explain the title, I got sick for my first time on the mission.. Just a cold but it was no fun. You feel like a lazy.. But I recovered! I think it was the Lord trying to send me a message, because I was going through a hard time and said some little woe is me prayers. Then BAM sick. I think he was saying, hey your life isn't bad and I can make it worse if you don't buck up. So i took that as a humbling experience.. haha I needed it. And I ate a habenero for the first time! It was the elder's idea of course.. I about died.. I DO NOT like spice.. But hey i chomped down a few pieces of bread and i made it! Sister Crump handled it like a champ! (Also while i was still recovering we went to teach the family and i said today we are going to talk about the Roly Ghost.. ya Sister Adamson's brain wasn't quite functioning yet!)

So by the way we play a every man for himself dodge ball game on pday and of course I'm the only sister playing and I kick some elder butt I will say so myself. So this last pday our bishop came in while we were playing and saw me playing, then at church he said in front of the ward to watch out for Sister Adamson if anyone plays dodge ball with me.. haha it was funny yet embarrassing. Anyways.. more important stuff!!

So I got to do my first training at zone training! It was really fun!! I love training and talking with missionaries! It was about Chapter 8 in PMG and about using our time wisely and working on goals! In that chapter is says goals 73 times! Probably more! Just goes to show how important goals are! :) Not only in missions but the rest of our lives! So that was fun! :) 

This week we had a bunch of new families move in for the start of the school year! Its really exciting to see and meet new people! There was this family named the Johnsons and we went and met with them and Sister Crump and I thought hey, this guy could be a great ward mission leader! Because we dont have one yet! And then we met with the bishop and he said the same thing! Spirit it awesome! :) So I'm super excited to work with him! Our ward are getting so much better at missionary work! Its so cool to see! Because when I got here, nothing was happening! But we WILL make it happen!! 

One last thing, we have some really awesome less actives we are working with! I wish I could tell you more about them, but running low on time!! Love you all!! Have a great week and pray always :) 

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