Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Smokey Days :) August 24, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

So if anyone of you is keeping up to date on the fires, you will know that this whole area is burning up! Its so smoky here! At times its hard to drive! Its crazy! And it smells like a campfire 24/7 so theres that. Also HUGE shout out to my mom for sending me a homemade banana cream pie for my birthday last week! She is the best :) Made my day that much brighter! :) 

So this week was rough. Moscow is a really hard are for me. There are a lot of crazy college kids and it doesn't seem like anyone wants to hear the gospel. We street contact for hours each day and find no one! Everyone seems to be comfortable where they are at, or don't want any religion at all. Its very discouraging. I'm doing all I can it seems. I'm fasting, praying, and working. What else can I do? Satan is getting in my head. But even though its hard, I know that Heavenly Father loves and cares for me. We went on exchanges this week and I was with a sister who is on her first transfer and during our comp study she shared this story with me. It was such a HUGE answer to my prayers. I've been struggling with finding my personal purpose on my mission lately. Last week, I got an answer that told me that I'm here to learn from others. Then I thought, thats a selfish reason to be on mission. But the story that she shared really changed my perspective a bit. She talked about how a return sister missionary was talking to her and felt really impressed to share her story of why she went on a mission with her. (Whether it was for her or something she would meet in the field needed to hear it) So she learned on her mission, that she was out there to learn how to be a better wife and mother. She felt the spirit tell her that so many times on her mission. That just really confirmed to me that Heavenly Father is aware of everyone. Not just the people we meet every day, but His missionaries as well. So that was a reminder that as long as I keep working and doing my best, Heavenly Father is proud of me. And the things I learn and go through here will help me become a better person later! Like it says in Hebrews 5:8. Even Jesus Christ learned obedience through his trials. So hopefully that story made sense.. there was a lot of detail I skipped! :) 

Also I have learned that when you feel you have conquered one mountain, the next day there is a higher one. But through all of this I'm learning that Heavenly Father is so aware of us. And prayer and fasting have become so real to me. I fasted again this Sunday for strength and purpose, and I got another answer that same day! I need to really just work on loving these people and having more faith in them. I know that as I do this that Heavenly Father will bless this area and continue to prepare His children to hear this miracle that this gospel is!! 

So Sister Crump headed off to Brazil today!! And I have no idea who my new companion is.. because as I suspected, I'm training a brand new missionary!!! So how it works in our mission is we get our transfer calls on Sunday night, and have to be in our new area by Tuesday. If you are training, you go down to Spokane for a meeting and meet your new comp! So I have no idea who she is and where she is from! But I will find out tomorrow!! :) So wish me luck! I'm super nervous, but excited to get some new energy from a new missionary! :) I learned a lot from being with Sister Crump and I hope I start this new missionary on the right foot! Oh and another slight change, I'm now over one married student ward, and one YSA ward! :) 

This week we were able to contact some former investigators named Finn and Daya. They are basically yoga-hippie people! But we will be meeting with them this week again! I have a lot of HOPE and FAITH and LOVE that they will progress in the gospel! :) (I just can't get away from those three things can I?) Well I love you all!! I'm learning so much and growing faster than I thought possible!! :) I love my mission--the good and the bad times :) thank you for all the love and support!! :)

Sister Adamson

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