Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Another Week in Moscow! September 28, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was good! Went by so so fast!! Like they always do! So sad news first.. Finn and Daya are moving to California in a few weeks.. bummer huh? But I have no doubt that they will join the church in their lives! They have grown so much in the gospel and their knowledge of our Savior. So no matter where they end up, they will get married and baptized! I sure will miss them though! 

We have a few other investigators that are going well. All for the YSA though! Max is really progressing! He is praying and reading the BOM. Its awesome! Still hasn't come to church yet, but he will soon! We also have the pagan Kara! We gave her a BOM and meet with her about twice a week! We hope that she will start getting a relationship with God and start believing in Him soon. Our other investigator Sam is a professor here on campus! He agreed to meet with us and he took us to the Starbucks here on campus! It was funny :) But he is Hindu, but not a very dedicated one! So we will see he progresses! He is very open minded!! So its been a fun week! Still talking to people on campus every day!! Its hard, but really fun at the same time :) 

So I was able to to go Pullman for exchanges!! Guess who was there? None other than Bayliegh Steed and Emily Lowrimore! It was so fun to see them!! And to work on the WSU campus! Its really big and so many more people to talk to! So that was awesome!! We also met with some girls at the hang-out place on campus called the Cub. There we basically taught them the restoration! It was cool to see how comfortable I am as being a missionary. There were so many people there and I have no problem answering their questions and telling them what I know to be true and invite them to know the things I know. I'm really grateful that my mission has solidified my testimony of the gospel! So I was very blessed with the opportunity to do that this week! It was a nice change from Moscow! 

So we taught the Pearson family again! We used cards to help explain the Plan of Salvation! We think Brother Pearson is ready to start having the lessons specifically for him. Lately we just have gone there to teach the family together. So we are having bishop talk to Sister Pearson this week and see where she feels he is at! So I'll keep you updated!! 

Also the Carmacks!! So they are both excommunicated. I don't know why but it doesn't matter! They are becoming my favorite people here! They just got married a few months ago! Every lesson with them is super spiritual and they have such great insights and comments. They are so humble and have strong testimonies. They love having us over and thank us every time! They came to church two weeks in a row! Its a long road to get them back! But we are ready to help them to! :) I love love love them!! 

So Moscow is good! We get our transfer calls next week. My prediction is that I will stay and second train Sister Bryson! So we will see :) I really am loving Moscow! I would never live here, but its growing on me :) Also I'm so so excited for conference! I can't believe its been six months since I watched it with Sister Mills! :) Time does fly!! :) Love you all and have a great week :) 

Sister Adamson

PS I can make a laser gun with balloon animals and I went to a Chinese gathering thing and man authentic Chinese food is soo gross! 

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