Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Huge Changes! October 5, 2015

Dear family and friends,

So hello again!! So Conference was amazing!! I loved it so so much!! So much revelation and awesomeness! So I hope you all enjoyed it and if you didn't watch it you better :) It was good :) While watching I felt inspired to write and letter to myself and a few things that I didn't want to forget that I wanted to change and accomplish when I get home! So I did and I'll read it in about nine months from now! Crazy I'm almost halfway! I still feel so new! 

Transfer results... I'm staying in Moscow with Sister Bryson! I finally get to keep a companion for more than one transfer.. haha its only my second time doing so! I swear.. I'm not that bad most of the time!! But I knew I would stay and I'm excited for it! I love the people here and I wasn't quite ready to leave it! 

So this week we had a meeting in Spokane and almost half the mission was there. They told us it was for Ipads because the guy who gives them to missions was there. But they tricked us.. he was there, but no Ipads.. We don't know when we will get them! But it was an awesome meeting! President Dymock is so inspired and dedicated to the work. He is making some amazing changes to the mission. He wants us to focus on the things that matter most. Our mission has strayed a little bit and little distractions that keep us from whats most important. I have such an increased desire for missionary work! The next day while we were out working, I was probably the happiest Sister Missionary in the world! Remember a few weeks ago when I was struggling to find my individual purpose on my mission? Well I'm finding for real this time. I feel myself becoming more converted to missionary work. Especially in the last few days! I love how Heavenly Father can change and soften our hearts! We just need to be willing to change!!

So I just wanted to say how amazing the scriptures are. I know you have heard this a million times from missionaries, but I'm really so grateful for this opportunity I have to study the scriptures and nothing else. They fill me with joy and knowledge that is so much greater than ANYTHING the world could ever offer. I know the world is crazy and it scares me. Some members told us about the shooting in Oregon. Not cool. But I know that if we trust in God we need not fear. I love this work and I love this gospel. I wish everyone would realize the truths and true happiness that lies within it! Well that was my week :) 

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