Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Moscow Idaho!! October 26, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

I hope you all know it still hits me randomly and A) I'm even on a mission in the first place and B) that I'm serving in Moscow, Idaho of all places. You just never know where life takes you!! 

So this week we went to Shadrack and Danny's with some members and went over the Restoration again. They have lots of questions and concerns, but they LOVE having us over. They are really motivating me to learn the scriptures better so I can help answer their questions. We won't be able to meet with them this week because they are really busy, but I'll let you know what happens with them!! Next we have the cutest Asian award--Emma. She is married and has a little girl. She has been interested the church since they lived in Salt Lake a few years ago. She has been coming to activities and even church on and off for awhile! But she never has wanted us to teach her, but she asked us to come over this week! So we did and taught her the Restoration! Well see how she progresses. It takes her awhile to learn since she doesn't know English that well still. But she is just the sweetest lady!

We had a day this week were we did not leave the Institute building on campus because we were teaching so much! We taught Kara (she came to a baptism this week and is more open to the idea of being baptized herself) the gospel of Jesus Christ and she came to church this week again! So she is progressing really well! We also taught a few others who we will pass off to the elders to teach since they are YSA peeps. I love the spirit I am able to feel when I teach people about the truths of the gospel! 

Remember Greg from last week? Well when we were at the farmers market he saw and and said, "What is the best way to get a package to you?" I was like uh.. drop it off at the institute?? Haha so it will be interesting to see what my BFF Greg gets us. Haha I'm convinced that I have been sent to Moscow to soften Greg's heart. He gave me his email so I can ask him career advice and such when I get home. 

It was also U of I's homecoming week this week! We heard that U of I won their game this weekend so its like their third win of the season so far! So yay! They had fireworks and a parade and marching band doing a serpentine around campus. So it was cool. We were also in the same sandwich shop of the U of I homecoming queen. Can you say we were star-struck??? Just kidding we really weren't. I love how the gospel really puts life into perspective. Are we really doing the things that matter most each day? Or are we merely surviving and getting by? That thought really struck me this week. I'm so grateful for the gospel and I love being a missionary for this church. It really has blessed me and will continue to bless the rest of my life! Love you all!


Sister Adamson

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