Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Oh U of I September 22, 2015

Hello all!!

Well time is short this week! So let me be quick!! 

We had an AWESOME lesson with Finn and Daya! We were reading the Book of Mormon about Ammon and Aaron teaching the kings about God and His plan for us! And Man that was so inspired! They haven't agreed to baptism yet, but they are so much closer! Finn's heart is softening and we are going to their house for dinner this week! So excited for them!!

So we found this random named George. Super spiritual and had tons of questions for us! We sat down right where we found him on campus and taught him the restoration! We met with him a few days later at a coffee shop and gave him a BOM. He's not golden yet. But we are excited to see what he thinks of the BOM! 

Soo... At church during sacrament we had an extra few minutes.. so what did bishop do? Ask Sister Adamson to come up there. Not to just bare her testimony, but he stayed at the pulpit and did a little Q&A right then!! Hahah he was asking me questions about my mission, the spirit, missionary work! It was soo funny! But man was I impressed with myself!! I have gotten so much better at public speaking!! It was pretty great. Everyone got a kick out of it! Bishop Schoenberg writes his own rules!! 

So we have awesome things happening here!! We are working with a less active couple named the Carmacks!! They came to church on Sunday!! They then texted us later and asked us when we were going to come see them this week!! They asked US!! It was great! So we love them and they have a long road back! But the Atonement is real :) Also the part member family we work with--the Pearsons they ALL came to church!! Brother Pearson listened the whole time and we are going to teach them later this week!

Last person that is in need of update, Kara. YSA that believes in Athena.. interesting.. huh? Well we had a great discussion with her and bore powerful testimony to her about her identity as a daughter of God. Man I love feeling the spirit work through me!! We are meeting with her this week and she is even bringing a friend with her!! So thats exciting!! 

Well Moscow is Moscow.. haha I love it but honestly hate it sometimes.. haha but tis life. This is the lot the Heavenly Father has given me to work with!! I'll make the most of it!! Love you all!!


Sister Adamson

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