Monday, September 14, 2015

Da Rain!!-September 8, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

The this year the fall has been skipped!! It was soo cold this week! I was not prepared because I sent my winter stuff home.. but we made it through! It was rainy and windy all week! A guy we talked to on campus said we looked like we belonged on Assassins Creed (a video game). So i guess that was a complement. Thats how I took it anyways :) 

So this week was great! We had awesome lessons with Finn and Daya. Daya wants to get baptized soo bad! Its just Finn thats holding her back. She came to church this week and is going to come to the relief society activity this week. We are praying for Finn's heart to soften. We have a really good relationship with them so hopefully we will help him overcome his concerns! I just love them though! They really could have so much more happiness if they just started living the gospel! They love the spirit they feel at church and when we come! So we will keep working on them!!

We had perfect timing this week too! We went to see a widow who is 28 (because her husband died of cancer last year) that we see about once a week just to help her and uplift her. She went inactive after her husband died and is now just coming back. When she answered, she was in tears. She said she had a terrible day and came home to a empty house and just started crying. She was so happy to see us. We just listened to her and got her some ice cream. Haha it really was a tender moment for me. When Sister Bryson and I were listening to her we just started crying as well. She has such a strong testimony of the gospel and about the lessons she learns from her trials. She is an amazing example of strength! So that was amazing to be able to be in the right situation to help her in such a small way!

This week we also had some lessons with investigators! Its soo much fun to teach people about the gospel! If only more would listen!! But those were awesome experiences! And hopefully we will be able to continue to teach them! For the most part, we are on campus street contacting. We talk to around 20-30 people every day!! Its hard work being a missionary, but its so rewarding as well. I know I'm growing more here than I would be anywhere else! Being a missionary and now a trainer is pushing me to be better. Which I like, but then again.. not really some days.. haha Missions really just push you in every way! I've grown so much being here in Moscow! I'm truly grateful for this experience :) This week I've been studying a lot about recognizing the spirit. We really do feel God's spirit in our lives so often! Whether we recognize it or not! I'm so grateful for His spirit and how it guides us every day to do His work!! Love you all :) have a great week!! 


Sister Adamson

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