Monday, May 4, 2015

Rough One...April 20, 2015

Dear Friends and Family!

So its weird to say that this week was hard, because there has been soo many blessings and its a beautiful day today! But it was the hardest week of my mission thus far. What made it hard was that there was a LOT of rejection, people not caring, a lot of self-doubts and all that fun stuff. I often think, "Am I really able to help all these people?" "What could I possibly do for them?" There is a lot of pressure as a missionary and a lot of expectations. But all that really matters is what the Lord thinks of you and how you are doing in His eyes. So thats been a hard lesson to learn (still am). 

I was feeling soo bad this last thursday/friday that while we were out tracting, I thought that I should get a priesthood blessing. Which I have never asked for one before, because i'm like the other women in my family and we are super independent as you well know. So we lined it up with an amazing member in our war named Brother Morgan. It was the best and greatest blessing! It really was just what i needed to hear! Of course it didn't solve all my problems, but it gave to the strength and calm i needed to be able to do the work. 

So with that out of the way, the blessings overrule the hard things! So we were able to get into Ryan Bakers house! he is a less active and lives with his girlfriend and two kids. He is so sincere and wants to change his life! He just needs the strength and courage to do so! So we ( the Lord mostly) Will work with him and help him as much as we can! but we taught him a cool improve lesson about Chirst (Which are always the best lessons) (I'm using a lot of () aren't I?) 

Also drum roll please.... I MET ELDER NELSON AND SHOOK HIS HAND! It was so cool! He spoke to us about the Abrahamic covenant and why its important to know where we came from and what blessings come from that! So that was cool. I felt pretty dumb.. i don't know much about that. So more studies for me! I was on the second row and woof.. he looked into my eyes so many times! I thought please don't slap me for the little pathetic missionary i currently am.. I'm trying.. haha but he was funny and cute! Just like any apostle of the Lord! :) 

So John.. hes a little confused about his life and told us he wanted to get baptized the some River of Life church.. I won't even bore you with the details, but well see if we can talk some sense into him. Also Christine has been tricky lately. She has all these problems and she just needs to be baptized and have the holy ghost and it will help her soo much! So we will keep working with her! 

PS We played scrabble with a 95 year old Berkley professor and he got 178 points and i got.. hold your breath... 97.. haha but hey he only beat me a little :) Well i love you all and keep living the gospel it is the way of light and happiness :) I know that for sure! 

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