Sunday, May 31, 2015

Full Week May 26, 2015

Friends and family!

There is soo much to write about this week! I don't think i can fit it all! But I will try! So real quick.. This week we had Zone Conference with about 60 missionaries. We had a fitness contest. I did 59 push-ups! Heck ya! I didn't know i could do that much! Then we did a jumping jack contest. Guess who won and beat ALL the Elders!! Me!! I got 953 jumping jacks and the last 53 were like I'm a star ones :) So ya still got it :) That was fun! We also rode our bikes for the first time this week! It was interesting with the skirts, but we rocked it :) 

Next, we are making progress with our less actives! Sister Moore came two weeks in a row! And she stayed all of sacrament meeting! And on Sunday morning we went to the Bakers to make sure they were coming! We helped them get ready and he was super nervous. He was sweating! But it was amazing! It was so great! All the messages and talks were perfect for him! The prodigal son, latter day saints keep on trying! It was great! Him and his two kids stayed the whole time and he met with the bishop too! :) it was one of my favorite Sundays! 

Also someone thought i was one of the kids on the 19 Kids and Counting show.. I get mistaken for that and everyone says i look like their granddaughters and nieces.. so apparently I'm not unique :) haha and another funny thing that happened this week, we got a text that a new family was moving into the ward and wanted to meet us for dinner. When we got to the restaurant.. it was Sister Mills brother, sister in law and her nieces and nephews!! Haha she was horrified! They tricked us! They bought us dinner then we went home to eat it. Sister Mills felt so bad and thought she might get sent home. She called the mission president and he said, well did you at least hug them!!? It was funny. So shes good :) just don't get any ideas family!! :) 

So as most of you know my brother got married this week! Which is weird! But congrats! That day EVERYTHING we had lined up canceled.. we recovered though. You just never know whats going to happen each day. I'm learning its all about the attitude! Also transfers are next week.. I hope i stay one more transfer here.. I love it and I feel like I could more! We are going to meet with Ben again this week and we have a new YSA investigator named Amy! So things are great up here in Sandpoint! :) I love this gospel sooo much and i get excited to live it everyday :) Have a great week! Love you all!! Thank you for all you do! 

Sister Adamson

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