Monday, May 11, 2015

Hope May 11, 2015

Dear family and friends,

Well it was fun talking with you on mothers day! Good to see everyone being their lovely selves :) Well I had a great and interesting week :) another one of those that went by super fast, but really slow too! 

Well something super cool happened this week. We were walking and talking with peeps and we decided to go see one of our past investigators Adrian. On the way to her apartment, we started talking to this guy named Ben. And let me tell you.. he's like a modern day Joseph Smith! He's just searching for the truth. He was just baptized in the Catholic church and is STILL looking for truth. He literally said that if God told him to sell all his things and serve him he would. CRAZY! Well we are planning on dropping by this week and teach him! That would just pump me up to actually get a sincere investigator!

So this week I realized I've been struggling with hope. I have little faith in myself and people. Hard to do missionary work when that happens. I was talking to sister Mills about that on Thursday night. And the next day we had Zone Training. Guess what it was about? Hope. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? After sister Mill said that she was thinking, The Lord sure does love sister Adamson :) And he does. I learned so much about what hope actually is. There is this little hope test that is in Preach My Gospel in the attributes section. It said that if you have hope, you are confident, patient, optimistic, 
and enthusiasm. Man that was a wake up call. Now that i know how to measure hope.. i could see i had none. That was an amazing lesson to learn. Now i just have to work on gaining that hope. And it won't come through my abilities, or the people we teach getting baptized or coming back to church, it comes from the Lord. I need to hope that He is everyone's lives--working and preparing them. I need to fully rely on Him, and just be an instrument. This may seem like common missionary knowledge to do.. but i had to learn it for myself to really understand it. So that was a huge blessing this week! The Lord really has his hands in everything. 

Also.. So we have had this potential investigator names Sue for awhile. Every time we go over, its not a good time, but she always tells us to come back. I was super fed up with that and didn't really want to ever go back.. haha thats how much patience and hope i have.. (See how i need to work on it?) So we had about 20 minutes before an appointment and we didn't know where to go. Sister Mills said hey lets go see your favorites person.. urg.. so we did. She LET US IN! I gave a look to sister Mills like are you kidding me?? So we had a nice little talk and brought up some gospel principals and she thanked us for coming over, because she needed it today. Maybe we will teach her? She's a solid Lutheran but hasn't been to church in awhile so we will see... Man don't we all love being wrong? haha Sister Mills laughed at me for that one.. 

So after we talked, I thought it would be hard getting back into the work again, but it wasn't! I was the most pumped I have ever been! We saw this guy in his 20s who seemed like a dead beat and drugged up pretty good at one point in his life if not currently and honestly, those people i think, they don't want the gospel. But i thought again.. what if he was my brother? My sister? My uncle? I thought that i would want missionaries talking to them in that situation. So we did! We got his number so we will see if anything comes out of it! But i have a different perspective now! So thats good :) well i love you all! Keep living the gospel and blessings do come when we put the Lord first!

Sister Adamson

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