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Faith, Hope, Charity May 18, 2015

Dear Friends and Family, 

Well this has been one of the longest weeks on the mission, but at the same time it went by soo fast! So just a heads up the pictures that I'm sending home were taken on our p-day! So don't you think I'm bending any rules :) also to get this out of the way.. At church this tall fat guy that smelled AWFUL and was homeless came to church with some members. We went to talk to him and he was like ya what do i need to do to be a member of the Mormon church. We thought ok cool? BUT, the member that came with him took us out in the hall and said.. wait for it.. drum roll please... "He is a Her." Yep hes/shes in transition and lives under a RV and invited her/himself to church. So how much further we will pursue that.. I don't know. 

Anyways.. We taught Ben and his family this week! We tracted into them and he is Catholic. Hes super sincere and wants to know the truth. However he has an issue with the apostasy and taking Joseph Smith's word for it. So we will use the BOM with him and see what happens! We also taught Kammy and her son Gage. They are going through a rough time so hopefully we can bless their lives with the gospel! The Lord is definitely blessing us with people to teach! And we are loving it! 
So with Sister Moore (the Less active we have been working with). She came to church!! She always leaves in the middle of sacrament meeting though.. She looked really scared to be there. She always says how the building didn't fall down when she came in. I think she has a lot of guilt and unworthiness issues. But its awesome seeing her try and act in faith. Also the other Less Active.. Brother Baker. So this week when we invited him to church, he said that he had no excuse to not go. So Sunday came around.. didn't come.. Satan just gets people when they are weak and doesn't let them get up! I want to punch Satan in eye ball. But other than that he is doing a lot better. He is wanting to change, he just needs the courage to do so!

So I had the opportunity to do exchanges in Bonners Ferry, ID. It is so pretty but the area is super booney. (trailers and nature and such). I ended up eating dinner in a trailer with five dogs living in it.. so that was a great experience :) we were also trying to find a less active and her address took us to a lumber yard.. so theres that. But i learned a lot. Sister Kruitbasch (try and pronounce that) is awesome. So I learned a lot from her and my perspective on my mission changes a lot when i see her attitude toward everything. I just have a lot to work on. My teaching, scripture knowledge, faith. the works! 

I was able to speak in the YSA Branch this week. I was asked to speak on how i got on my mission and what it was meant to me. Can i say easy topic? I could go off so many things about that! But while i was writing it, what really stood out to me was faith, hope and charity. I've learned a ton about those and why they are important. I'm learning how to act in faith and how having the desire to believe is what builds our faith. I've said so many prayers about helping me have desire and I can see myself really changing. Also hope. I know i talked about it last week. But hope is about being patient, optimistic, enthusiastic, and confident. I need to improve so much in these areas. Learning what hope is has really giving me a wake up call. Charity. Its hard to share the gospel with someone when you judge them. We must love everyone! If we don't, we aren't giving everyone the chance they deserve to be apart of this amazing church. So that was my spiel for the week. I love you all! Hope you have a great week! 

Sister Adamson

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