Monday, May 4, 2015

Bold :) April 27, 2015

Dear Family and friends! 

How goes it? Hope its all good! Well this week was another hard one, but full of soo many blessings! First of all yes there was an earthquake here, but i didn't feel it at all. It was right after we went to bed and i just clonked out. And sister Mills said it sounded like the earth's stomach growling.. but ya i had no idea!

So I dont give you much updates about the less actives we work with because for the most part its not that exciting. Thats what most of the work it here. We have been working with Sister Moore. She is in her late 50s and smokes and is divorced and lives alone. She always she will come to church, but she rarely ever has. But lately she has been growing and changing. Its soo cool watching how the Lord can change people and their hearts! Hopefully she keeps progressing.

Next Brother Ryan Baker. He is the most sincere man. He just turned 29 and has a five year old and 10 month old. He lives with his girlfriend. Hes done everything--from drinking, smoking, the works. They struggle a lot financially and they asked us if they could get hand me downs from the ward. That day a lady in our ward went out and bought clothes for them. When we gave them to him he almost started crying. He just really was touched by it. Also.. he was asking us these questions about polygamy and same-sex marriage. But then he asked us (His girlfriend wasn't there) about what to do if a "friends" girlfriends (AKA his) was cheating repeated on him. And if he should just continue forgiving her. So we gave him our best advice and he really seemed to like it. Its hard to see people go through these things, but that is why we have the gospel and we LIVE it!  He started reading his scriptures again and is making progress! I love his family and want them to COME BACK soo bad! So i'll keep you updated!

We have a new family to teach!! Adrian-20 Will (the dad) and their baby Aleah. They aren't married and are a young struggling couple. We teach them tonight so be praying for us and them! They need to gospel soo much! 

Also i learned a lot this week on why being bold is important. And honestly, missionary work is miserable if you aren't. There are so many blessings that come if you are but bold! Sister Mills and I will continue to work on that! We are getting so much better and the work is progressing because of it!! :) 

Funny story: We go see this old lady named sister Hudson and my siblings and family should know a little about her.. haha well this week she said want some of my Brandi? And we said well, is it legal to drink? It was this purple liquid and turned out it was grape jello in warm liquid form. They drink it all the time. Man these Idahoans.. haha. Also i got 103 on my last scrabble endeavor! :) 

Have a great week and love you all! 

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