Monday, May 4, 2015

Stake Conference May 4, 2015

Dear Family and Friends, 

Cant believe it's May! What is going on in this world! Ok last week i forgot to update you about Christine. She said she wants to be baptized by her ex boyfriend.. He is the one who introduced her to the church, but then he made a lot of bad choices. He won't be worthy for another year.. So hopefully we will be able to change her mind and not let him stop her progression. So she leaves for school in a month.. so with us luck! 

So Adrians lesson was ok. Its hard to have the spirit there when the baby is crying.. but she says she wants to be baptized! But we still got a long way to go.. and shes hard to get in contact with so we will see what happens this week! The gospel is exactly what she need though. That much is clear! Its just getting her to realize that! So an elder in our district gave us this survey thing that will help start talking to people. It has simple questions like do they believe in God? What happens to us after we die? and that really helps me be motivated to talk to everyone! so thats been good and we have a few potentials in the mix! 

Also i cannot believe how many times people think we hare Jehovah Witnesses.. they proselyte like crazy up here. So everyone thinks we are them... so that gives us a bad reputation from the start.. There are so many different churches up here so its difficult getting people to want to know more about ours. So thats a challenge. But there are people here that the Lord is preparing and they need the gospel!! 

Two cool miracles happened this week! So weeks ago we ran into this kid named Paul and he said he would want to know more and change his life and all that then when we called and texted him.. nothing.. so we thought we lost him. But guess who we ran into this week!? PAUL!!! yay!! We were so pumped! So well get working on him! Also we work in a soup kitchen up here and this nice older guy works there with us. We don't really get to proselyte there because its a methodist church and its not quite appropriate. But we also ran into him and started talking to him about Joseph Smith and had a great talk with him. So hopefully we will teach him too! He seems interesting in learning more! 

So we are working with so many less actives its crazy.. i can't even begin to update you on them. But just know its moving right along! nothing eventful happened this week! Also i had my first encounter with a drunk man.. NOT COOL. He was telling how Mormons are a cult and that the prophet is just in it for the money and how rich all the Mormons are. Man did i want to slap him.. urrgg.. But i didn't and we just walked away. Can't wait to see him in heaven though! 

We had the best stake conference this weekend!! Wilfred W. Andersen came. He spoke this last conference about dancing to the music of the gospel! He was amazing! I learned soo much from that! I'm learning a lot about how to raise a family in the gospel, and why its so important! And how forcing our kids to choose the right is not the Lords way. Thats what Satan's plan was. All we can do is love them!! Anyways thats just a bit.. well i love you all and have a great week :) 

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