Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Elder Nelson April 13, 2015

Dear Friends and Family!

Well this week has been great :) Sister Mills and I are working really hard! We made a lot of progress both in the area and in myself. I bet you all would barely recognize me :) Just kidding. I'm still me, but i feel so different! 

So this is what happened this week, we took our investigator John on a church tour, and then we taught him the plan of salvation. He also came to church! He said he is really liking it! So we are hopeful that he will continue to progress in the gospel! When we went to see him this week (we always teach him on his porch) he gave us lemonade and this really good carrot cake! It was so sweet! So I'll let you know how it goes with him this week!

Also Christine.. we are on a time crunch with her because she is leaving for school in June. So we NEED to get her baptized before she goes. Who knows what will happen or how long it would take for her to become a member if we don't. I love her SOO much! She is my kind of girl! She totally knows that the church is true. When we talked to her about baptism she said she wants to. We just have to help her feel ready and prepared for it. So i'll let you know. We also had two less actives that have been out of church for years come to church this week! Its awesome!! 

Next, we are making so much progress with getting referrals and just support from the ward. This last Sunday we couldn't make it ten steps without a member asking if we have seen this family and if we need someone to go out with and make visits. Its awesome! This ward already feels like home to me! I love it! So a big thing our stake focuses on is having lessons with EVERY member of the ward. Actives, inactives, less actives, part member families. You name it! We report each week of how many lessons we had. And guess who is winning out of all 16 sets of missionaries?? Oh ya you got it :) Sister Mills and I :) Its fun to beat the Elders :) Anyways.. bragging over.. This next week is transfers so hopefully I will stay in Sandpoint with Sister Mills! Definitely not ready to leave! 

So this week we get to have Elder Nelson come and speak to our whole mission! How awesome is that?? it will be this Saturday!! I am soo excited!! :) He wants to shake all our hands and look into our souls.. ahh.. I better be prepared for that! Anyways I'm really growing a lot and learning a lot about the gospel! Missions are soo great! Well have a great week all! I love you and pray every day :) Life is better when you pray!! 

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