Sunday, April 5, 2015

This Week!!! March 30, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

Well this week had some interesting parts to it. I'll get started with some really funny things that happened. So we serve at a soup kitchen here and some people are just a little loopy. So this one guy was just looking to bug us and to me he said have you heard about the massacre? And i thought he was talking about something that happened recently and i said no. Well turns out he was talking about the massacre scandal thing that happened in mormon history. I didn't really know what to say is response because i dont really know the details of it. So i just kind of pretended to be busy and walked away. (the guys crazy by the way) So I told the other missionaries what he said and later he tracked down an elder and in response the elder said the Boston Massacre? and started talking about that to him. I thought it was so funny :) Wish i came up with that response! 

Also we were walking up to this house and we heard weird indian chanting music and me and my comp look at each other wondering if we should knock on the door. So glad we did :) well maybe not. The lady that answered was only wearing a bra and some kind of gypsy dress skirt and had the HAIRIEST armpits i have ever seen! It was crazy! they were just talking to us like it was any other day. So ya there are some interesting souls up here! Also we got out of our car and we heard something across the street and we looked over and... there was a moose!! Yep just chillen and eating a bush in someone's front yard. They are EVERYWHERE here! Gotta love it :) 

Ok now serious stuff. Randy called and dropped us this week. But he still wants to come to church. He said he isn't interesting in converting and never was. He just wants to learn more. So we won't be meeting with him much anymore. He says he is going to come to conference this weekend. We all know he is just afraid to change his life. So well see. His time will come. In the meantime we taught John this week! It was my first time teaching a non-member the Restoration! All the times practicing before helped so much! It went well and he says he already knows its true and committed to baptism.. sounds easy right? wrong. He is pretty interesting and I'm wondering if he really means what he says. Well see. 

So Christine is awesome! She shows up to church in a neon yellow t shirt, yoga pants and her knee brace. Man i miss wearing sweats sometimes.. haha but she is so confident in who she is. She stayed all three hours of church! She is like my soul sister and i love her so much! I hope that we are able to help her commit to baptism soon! She has a complicated life and I know the gospel will bless her so much! I'll keep you updated on her!

So we had the opportunity to teach part of the last hour of church in the YSA branch. Before though our branch president had us watch the video about Christ's Crucifixion. That was soo hard for me to watch. I'm growing closer to my Savior and it was just awful watching that i had to look away. So our part of the lesson was focused on why its important to know He is risen. And when we got up there the first thing i said i just started crying.. My love for my Savior has grown so much and this Easter season has been very impactful to me. I felt the spirit so strong and i wanted everyone in that room to feel the same way i do about my Savior! Everyone share the Because He Lives video! Its a great missionary tool! This week my testimony has grown so much and I'm so grateful for this opportunity i have to serve Him. Love you all! Thank you for everything! 

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