Monday, March 23, 2015

Change March 23, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

This week has been incredible for me. I have grown so much already and it became pretty evident this week. I want to tell just a few things that happened before i get to the good stuff. So funny little thing.. We almost hit a moose this week. Right on the main road through town. It was late at night and we barely missed him! It was so scary! My heart was pounding. Only in North Idaho :) He would have destroyed our Ford Focus.

Also I had my real first time tracting and street contacting this week! I loved it! i loved talking to people and its a great way to find new people in this area! We found a YSA age guy named Paul. His grandparents meet with the missionaries and got baptized so he has some familiarity with the church! He said he is willing to meet with us! So I'll let you know how that goes! Also funny story.. The Jehovah Witnesses have been afoot lately.. they came to our door to invite us to some bible discussion, but they saw our name tags and their faces dropped.. haha it was funny :) they have some interesting beliefs I tell ya. 

So i want to say something briefly about agency. Its sucks. Sister Townsend, who we have been meeting with to help her overcome her smoking habits, has a daughter that lives with her. She is 25 and has five kids. With different dads. She doesn't have custody of half of them. One of her daughters is five and is the sweetest little girl ever. I have a really good connection with her. So we went to stop by on Saturday and guess what was going on? Her daughter Maggie (the 25 year old one) was moving out because her and Sister Townsend got in an argument. So she was taking sweet little Addi to Spokane to live with a boyfriend. Taking Addi away from her sweet Grandmother and a good church environment. Because she loved reading the Book of Mormon for kids and coming to church. She was crying and said she didn't want to go and I was crying to see her so sad.. I just pray for that little girl. I hope the dumb choices of her mother don't ruin her.. So i'll let you know if i see them again. I made her promise to me before she left that she would never stop praying and reading her BOM. Sad day..

So we are starting to teach a family!! Whoohoo! They are the Dillons! We didn't anywhere to go on Sunday night so we prayed and we both decided to go see if they were interested in the gospel still. (They have been on our list for awhile) When we got there they were so happy to see us! They said that they thought we gave up on them! They are so cute and awesome! They have met with missionaries before, just never really committed to anything. But they are such dry Mormons! She is an art teacher at the school and he is a stay at home dad. So thats exciting!

We also met with Christine and Matt (her boyfriend) again this week. We are worried the the reason Randy hasn't fully accepted the gospel is because he doesn't want to change. So well see. And Christine is great! She really loves church we just need to figure out whats holding her back from being baptized. So i'll keep you updated!

So what happened this week for me was change. I realized how much I need to change. We had a Zone Training with our mission president because Elder Nelson is coming to our mission on April 18th! So we are prepping for that. But we talked a lot about obedience and doing missionary work verses the missionary like activity. And there is a huge difference. When we are doing missionary work, our whole heart and mind is in it. Thats when we are truly doing the Lords work. I really learned that I need to humble myself and ask for God's help. He knows who's ready for the gospel and where we should go. When we rely on our strength thats when we start getting frustrated and down. So that was great for me to hear this week! Well hope all is well and i love you all!! Pray always :)


Sister Adamson

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