Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Keeps Getting Better :) March 2, 2015

Dear family and friendsies, 

Its has been such a good few days!! I love it :) So much to say!!

Ok first off i must tell you this because it is hilarious. There are a few 19-20 year old guys that live in the apartment next to us, and they are high as a kite 80% of the time. But we always go over and give them candy and such that we dont want and invite them to church. So we have been doing this the whole time we've been here. And the other night we did it and one guy said to me "Are you knew? I've never seen you before" and i've talked to him like five times before.. he was just always so high he didn't remember.. haha so why people choose to live their lives like that I'll never know. But keeps us entertained. 

Also we got to go to the temple again! I'm so lucky to go twice this transfer! I learn so much each time i go! Especially when I got my spiritual side kicking in! So I'm so grateful for the temple!! 

Ok so there is this sister in the ward named Sister Sharples. She has been a member for ten years and has two bratty girls who are in the twenties and treat her like crap. It drives me up the wall when I see them doing it! But anyways.. she has very bad health issues. Major heart problems. One night we were on splits with members and we went and saw her. When she answered the door she was completely out of breath and took her awhile to regain it again. We called the ward mission leader and he came over to give her a blessing. In the blessing it talked about how she will be blessed if she reads the BOM. So we talked to her about that and asked her how we could help her with that. On Sunday we went over to read the BOM with her. She told us that she never read it before. She said that she was going to quite drinking coffee and smoking. She wants to get to the temple by this time next march. It was so awesome just listening to her! I'm so excited to help her get to the temple! So that is going to be a major focus for me and my comp now! :) I love Sister Sharples!! 

Ok so this week on Saturday is Indies baptism!! I'm so excited for her and her cute family :) (who are all members by the way) So i'll let you know how that goes!! This is my final week with Sister Becraft! It went by so fast.. its sad to see her go, but she served a great mission and i learned a lot from her! I'm a little nervous about another comp.. and taking over the area. should be interesting.. 

We had a lesson with Randy this week too. He took a big step back.. we committed him to fast and pray about the book of mormon. Because he refuses to just ask if its true!! And what did he do on Sunday morning?? He texted us what he ate for breakfast that day.. then he told us what he ate for lunch! And we explained to him fasting so clear.. He is just being a punk. So i'll let you know how it will proceed. I'm starting to think he just likes comparing religions.. so we will see!

Also we have new investigators!! Christine i think i mentioned last week and she introduced us to her boyfriend Matt. They are so great! And made pies for my and my comp and saturday! She worked at a pie place and they make all their pies using a microwave! But they are so good!! It was fun! So they came to church so we will see how they progress! I'll send you pictures of them! 

I have mentioned this less active we have been working on too--brother White. Well guess what? He came to church on sunday!! He said that he even teared up when sister Becraft and I bore our testimonies! So i'm so happy about his progress! I hope it continues!! Well its been a great few days! I'm really getting a feel for this area and I have a feeling that the work will explode soon! I cant wait!! Well i love you all and thank you for all the support and love i get from each of you! Have a great week and LIVE the GOSPEL! its too precious to be taken lightly!!

Also please look up Proverbs 28:25 you wont regret it. no joke. 

Sister Adamson

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