Monday, March 9, 2015

Mooskins? or Make-up?‏ March 9, 2015

Dear Family and Friends, 
   Well another week down and man was this a fast one!! Ok so to explain the subject, before curfew a few days ago, we went to go get our mail. Which is across the parking lot. So we pull up in our car and right before Sister Becraft got out we both look over and there is a moose right there! Like ten feet away from us! Just chillin! It scared us so bad! My comp was waiting for her mom to send her make-up and she wanted to see if it was there. So we had this whole debate if it was worth risking a moose attack to get her make-up. It was pretty funny! We made some funny videos of that whole experience. Gotta love Idaho! 

So we met with Christine a few times this week! She is just amazing! she came to church again and dragged her boyfriend and brother with her! She leaves for school in June so hopefully well get her baptized before than! She loves church, she just has had a hard life. She has like three dads, her mom is a jerk and she has a crazy household. So I'll keep you updated on her!

So Randy this week.. he is such a punk! i know i need to stop saying that.. But he is.. in a loving way of course. So he fasted and prayed about the Book or Mormon. We asked him how it went and he said, I know its true for the LDS church. Someone should slap him! But he still wants to meet with us. He is far away from baptism. Even though he knows its true. 

There is this really cute alleyway downtown that has all this graffiti on it. Sister Becraft wanted to take pictures there as a final goodbye memory thing. I'll send you a few of those pictures!! I love Sandpoint! Wont ever live here, but i love being here now! Its such a cute little town full of trains :) 

So we are still reading the Book of Mormon with Sister Sharples! I'm always surprised of how i can answer her questions about it! Turns out I know a  little about the Book of Mormon! Imagine that! She is still so excited about it! Its amazing to see! Also I don't know if i told  you all already, but her daughters are both into drugs and are very rude to her. The never say anything to us while we are there and when they see us they go into their rooms and slam the door. (they are both members by the way, just inactive) But, this last time we were there, one of the daughters came out and talked to her about her life and her addictions! It was so great to see her open up to us! So maybe we will be able to help them come back to church also! 

We had a baptism this week! Indy Funk is her name! It was so sweet! She was crying the whole time! Just so happy to be there and she was so nervous! It was amazing to see a baptism! Really puts what we do into perspective! So we did a little presentation and i was a little nervous because there were a lot of people there, but I did pretty good! I was pretty proud! A member came up to me and my comp after and told us that we were the kind of missionaries that are really approachable and loving. It was an amazing compliment! He also told me that I reminded him of his daughter thats on a mission! I loved hearing that! I love this ward i am in!! That people here are amazing!

One last thing.. Sister Becraft left.. Shes home as i am typing this right at this moment. Thats really weird to think! But She will be missed! My new companion is Sister Mills! I'll meet her tomorrow! I heard she is a lot of fun and a good missionary! So i'm really excited!! Well thats all i got for this week!! I love you all and keep praying! Heavenly Father wants to hear from you all!! Have a great week all!!

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