Monday, March 23, 2015

A Week of Firsts March 16, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

Well it truly has been a week of firsts!! Just to list a few.. First time have fresh cow milk, having fresh farm eggs, getting a new comp in the field, being in charge of an area, holding a baby goat, petting al pacas, setting up a tramp in a skirt. ya you name it :) It was a really great week though! So here are the deets.

We'll i finally finished the Book of Mormon this week! That was the fastest I read it! I'm learning so much about the Book of Mormon! I love reading it! So my new companion is Sister Mills from Phoenix. Shes been out for four transfers so we are both pretty new! I love her! She is a hard worker and is pumped to be here! So I know that a lot of good things are going to happen in here in Sandpoint soon! I can feel it! I'm so happy and ready to learn more from her! The first day together we taught like twelve lessons! We killed it! So I'm ready to start working hard and help this Sandpoint ward grow! 

So this week we went through the HUGE list of potentials that have been sitting around staring at my face. So we have a few possible new investigators. One is named John some old, crazy toothless guy with a beard. (like almost every old guy here) He is a bit looney so I'll let you know though next week how real he really is. The Elders passed of a girl named Marissa to us. She was baptized when she was 17 for the wrong reasons she said and fell away pretty soon after that. She since has been partying, drinking, smoking. the whole deal. She expressed to us her desire to really learn if its true or not. If it is, she said she was willing to give it all up for it! So it was awesome talking to her! We are going to start teaching her this week! 

We didnt get to teach Christine or Randy this week because they were sick or out of town.. so we are planning on seeing them this week! 

So it really beautiful up here.. so pretty! We have a lake in town, pretty mountains, eagles flying, moose around town creating havoc. Its great :) So i'm so grateful I was called here! It is such a cute little town and I love it! One thing that i have been working on this week was saying out loud personal prayers. I do when my comp is in the shower.. haha I find that when I do so, my prayers are so much more meaningful to me! So if any of you struggle with prayer, pray out loud! Just talk to God! Because he loves you! Have a great week!

Sister Adamson

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