Tuesday, March 3, 2015

I'm Getting It!! February 23, 2015

Dear family and friends,

Thank you all so much for your letters and emails! They really do mean so much to me! Even though I cannot answer back I promise I read them all!! Ok So there is a lot to talk about this week!! First of all.. My companion is trunky.. Its not bad, but its still there even though she denies it. So as much as I love her and respect all she has done as a missionary, I'm excited to get a companion that will help me focus and be more diligent with! She also has been getting sick. So one night i went to a dinner appointment by myself while she was with some members. It was really fun and built up my confidence that I'm becoming a better missionary! But this last week despite all that happened, I'm really feeling that I'm getting a hang of it! I'm starting to understand my purpose and learn how I can help these people come closer to Jesus Christ! So i'm really happy about that!!

So we go see this really stubborn guy who is less active named Brother White. He basically denies he was ever a Mormon. but he loves the missionaries. As long as we don't talk too much gospel to him. So he is quite the puzzle to figure what his really issues are with the church. He loves to serve us and gives us cookies all the time. Some are better than others. But he really does seem to like me. He says that i'm too funny to be Mormon and that i'm a Catholic spy. So hes interesting. Hes a really good guy, just doesn't understand church. So hopefully we will be able to help him!

This week we found two new investigators! One named Christine thats our age and another named margel. I haven't met that later yet because we did a blitz in our area. So we are planning are meeting her this week. But Christine is great! She has been taught everything, just struggles with committing to baptism. So we will work on that. 

I was able to go to Montana this week! good old Libby :) man those are some boonies up there! We were on exchanges and its about and hour and half away from us. I was with Sister Lovell. She is blind. So she was leading me while i was driving around trying to find houses. So it was literally the blind leading the blind. It was funny though! It was so pretty up there though! 

Ok update on Randy. We had a testimony lesson with him and a few members (one being Indy who is getting baptized on march 7th!) It was amazing!! We had them share how they gained a testimony of the Book of Mormon because thats what Randy struggles with. When we asked him to be baptized he said yes!! So he understands that when he prays to know, and gets an answer then that leads to him being baptized! So i'll let you know what happens when we meet with him again!

This week was great and I'm really starting to sincerely love missionary work! So I'm doing great!! Thank you for all your prayers and support! It means so much to me!! Have a great week and remember to share your testimony whenever you can!! Planting seeds is what its all about :) Love you all!! 

Sister Adamson

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