Friday, April 29, 2016

This Week Was Great :) April 26, 2016

Dear Family and Friends! 

So this week was so so great! Still challenges, but soo good! The Lord truly blesses us for just trying our best! I learned even more that it is not us that does this work, its the Lord, we just help! So a few blessings this week:

We had a day that was empty.. no people to see, just contacting all day! So even though we weren't super pumped, we went out anyways! And after we were out for over an hour, one of our former investigators saw us and pulled over and said, "I need to meet with you again! When can we?" So we set up a time and after she left we had a little spas attack of pure happiness! :) So her name is Janice and she is a little crazy.. haha but she still want's to learn the gospel! She is in her 60s, but has some learning disabilities so its really hard to teach her and its a slow process. So we had a lesson with her and then she came to church. And yesterday, we had another lesson with her and she put herself on date for baptism on the 7th of May!! AHH!! It was soo cool to see her connect the dots! What did it for her was just going through the last two paragraphs of the introduction to the BOM. She knew it was the word of God, and believed in Joseph Smith so of course she would get baptized! However she has a Word of Wisdom problem so we will see how it goes! So pray that she can make it to May 7th! It's a special date for her! 

While we were out that day, we also got a call from a member confirming an appointment for another former investigator that he committed to take the lessons again. This time in the member's home. I think I might have mentioned him last week, but his name is Issaiah! He is 16 and is going down a wrong path already. He wants to change his life and just be happier. So we had a lesson with him last week and it was soo great!! Super powerful and we all felt such a sincere love and desire to help him. He almost started crying. He didn't come up from the best background. So having people that love and care about him I'm sure is very overwhelming! We also had a lesson with him yesterday! He is already in chapter 18 of 1 Nephi! We committed him to baptism as well for May 28th! So I'm excited! The Lord truly blesses us when we try! We can already see him change. Little by little, the gospel truly changes us! 

Sister Empey and I also had the privilege of having dinner with Sister Dymock! It was awesome!! She is go great and is the happiest person I have ever met! She is such a great example to me! Us being all sisters.. of course we cried! Some of happiness and some of sadness. Sister Empey is having a really hard time on her mission right now, so while she was speaking to Sister Dymock, Sister Dymock said, "Just think of what Heavenly Father is trying to teach you right now." After she said that, I was overwhelmed with love for Sister Empey. I saw her through Heavenly Father's eyes. I saw her potential, and what she is capable of. I know that that's how Heavenly Father sees us. We can only see the here and now, but He can see us for who we really can become. It was such a great blessing to experience. I was crying because of what I felt. I have never felt so much love for a companion so quickly. We help each other so much. I really see the Lord helping us in this work together and we are not alone!

So even though are area is small, and not a lot to work with we are doing our best to make the most of it! The ward is great and we have seen such a change in them over the past month! I love this work and being here in this ward! I love you all! have a great week! 


Sister Adamson

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