Friday, April 1, 2016

Goodbye Spokane!! March 29, 2016

Dear Family and Friends,

So it is time that I finally leave Spokane! It has been a crazy time here. So full of ups and downs, but I have seen it help change me and point out even more weaknesses. I am still trying to overcome them. A life-long process right? Well I'll be going to Spokane Valley which is about thirty minutes away from here and is close to the temple. My new companion's name is Sister Empey and I'll meet her tomorrow!! :) She is my tenth companion on the mission.. haha I guess people just can't handle me for that long! :) I'm excited for a change. Sad to leave Sister Smith. We both liked similar things and I've never had a companion like that! We would wake up early to run and we even worked up to about six miles one day! :) (still super out of shape.. haha) So I will miss her! She has been a great example and friend!! So off I go!

This last week was good though! We had more appointments cancel this week, than my whole mission. It was crazy. We have a nice little teaching pool of solid people, but everyone was sick, on spring break, in car accident,s or something else crazy came up. So just a weird week in that aspect. We still were able to have a good lesson with Krysta. She is a single mom and just really wants the gospel. She is still pretty nervous about it all but I'm excited to see her grow and progress. Even though now it will be at a distance! :) 

We just have been able to meet so many great people lately and people with really hard backgrounds and struggles. I really don't know how people get along in life without the gospel. We talked to this girl for about 40 minutes about her struggles and trials. They were everything from dealing with false charges, fired from her job for being honest, growing up in a broken home, people stealing from her, getting beat up, having no support system near by. Everything. I asked how she gets by and what helps her. All she said was sleep. There is soo much more help and comfort that can be given through the gospel. The gospel isn't a problem-fixer or quick fix when we cry for it. Its a life-changer, hope-provider and enables you to access strength beyond your own. She doesn't believe in God right now, but Sister Smith will continue to work with her and get her involved with the YSA. 
I will miss all the amazing people I have met here in Spokane. I have had so many tender mercies and people reaching out to me when I was struggling and hurting. I have gained such a testimony of service. I really loved the Woman's Broadcast. We were able to get two less actives there! I was crying for the first ten minutes.. Haha just felt to much love for this gospel and church. I felt so unified and that I was really apart of something so much bigger than myself here in Spokane. The choir that sang had over 50 languages represented!! So cool! :) Their messages were really what I needed to hear for these last few months of my mission. Just to really love and serve others. And think to myself, "What if your story was my story?" and have compassion for other's struggles. Well I love the gospel!! Glad all is well at home! Love you all! 


Sister Adamson

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