Thursday, April 14, 2016

Evergreen April 4, 2016

Dear Family and Friends,

Well my new area is called Evergreen. Its SUPER TINY!! the smallest area I have ever served in! Its about a half mile-wide and a few miles long. We also have a big boonie area, but we don't work out there much because the houses are so spread out. But its beautiful! We live with a cute old lady named Sister Francis. She lives by herself and treats her dogs like humans.. haha She is really nice, but also is randomly really grumpy.. But she is sweet for letting the missionaries live in her basement :) I'm sure I will have good stories about her :) already do! My new companion, Sister Empey is from Bunkerville, Nevada near Mesquite! She is great and has been out nine months! She has a great testimony and I have loved getting to know her this week! I love the relationships we gain on missions! No where else do you become so close so someone so fast! :) I have seen so much growth in myself in how I get along and get to know people. I am so grateful for that :)

Saying goodbye to Spokane was bitter-sweet! The work there was great. We were finding so many people to teach and so many miracles were happening. Its hard to leave somewhere that you worked so hard to build up, but its not about us or getting the credit, its about the people we help. I loved and treasured all the relationships I gained! 

So my new area, the work is pretty slow. The missionaries here covered this ward and another ward before and most of the work was in the other ward.. So now we have a slower area. But its been good this week because the weather has been really nice! We have been out walking and contacting people a lot! We found this sweet couple in their 50s with a teenage daughter tracting named Bill and Patty. They have had contact with the church before which softened their hearts. They had however, a bad experience with a member of the church that didn't treat them very well. So that might be a little road block for them. We asked if they would like to take the lessons and they said yes!! But they have a few things in their family they need to work out before, so we will try again with them in another few weeks! But what I really learned from them is just how important it is to always be an example. People are watching and it really matters how we treat others. So I just want you all to try your best to be an example of Christ! It helps bring others into the church and into this wonderful gospel! 

I like my new area and the people here! Conference was great and I received so much guidance for the rest of my mission and what to do when I get home! I loved what President Monson said, "Choose the harder right, rather than the easier wrong." That really spoke to me and how I want to live my life! I love this gospel! Have a great week!

Sister Adamson

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