Thursday, April 14, 2016

Life's like a jump rope!! UP DOWN UP DOWN!! April 11, 2016

For those of you who know that song.. Don't ask where it's from because my missionary mind is blocking me.. haha

Dear Family and Friends,

So like my lovely title, this week was an up down week! This week started off really well, had a few lessons and had a good time talking to people and trying to find new people to teach. But in the middle of the week, we just hit a wall. We were having a hard time finding the most productive thing to do, struggling with getting the members involved--the works. It just wasn't flowing as it did before. To get out of that, something I have learned on my mission is, if you want things to change, or get better, the only way to do that is work. So on this last Saturday we had a few people to see, but not enough to fill up a whole day. So we decided to bike all day. 

In the morning after I woke up I remember thinking.. Ugh.. Today will be the pits.. But hey I got out of bed, had a nice run, great study that really pumped me up and off we went!! We biked at least twenty miles that day! And let me tell you! It was sooo fun!! :) I think I have mastered the bike-skirt thing.. haha :) But we talked to soo many people! One person in particular stands out, and the story goes like this:

We had planned to go a see a potential, but we felt we needed to go the other way so we were just biking along and saw this young mom in her front yard playing with her daughter. We started talking to her and she was so nice! Turns out she met with missionaries before and her mom did as well. She believes in God, but hasn't gone to church in awhile. She told us how her gma that passed away didn't really believe in God, but was still a good person and that she hopes she is in a good place. She was taught about just a heaven and just a hell. I felt prompted to share Alma 40:11. That scripture really impressed on her heart and she kept referring back to it during the remainder of our conversation. She never heard about the spirit world before and we taught her about the Plan of Salvation. I know that the Lord directed us to her that day! She however, doesn't live in our area, but we sent missionaries (My old comp Sister Bryson by the way) her information and she will gladly have then over, and we might start teaching her mom :) So that was a cool little miracle. I'm so grateful for the spirit and how it guides us in this work! :) I know that this is his work and we need to do it in his way! :) I love this gospel and am so grateful for it everyday! We have so many experiences of feeling the spirit guide us! I love that about being a missionary! 

I was also able to talk to Kara from Moscow this week! She is doing really well and is still active in the church! :) AHH!! I love her soo much!! Heavenly Father blessed us this week, even though it was hard at times, he helps us get through it! Also my companion is awesome and I love being able to serve here with her! Hope you all have a great week! 

Sister Adamson

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