Friday, April 29, 2016

I don't even know! April 18, 2016

Dear Family and Friends,

I don't even know what the theme of this week would be.. hah It was another up and down week! Seems to be the theme here. We will have a few great days and talk to lots of good people, then a few bad days where plans and everything just doesn't work out. But that's life right? Prepares you for the future! So this week we had a few great moments and a few sad ones.. 

First the sad, (get those out of the way) so remember Patty and Bill? I mentioned them about two weeks ago. They said they wanted to take the lessons, just needed to figure some family things out first. So we gave them some time and went back this week. We had a great talk with Bill and he said after our last visit he asked his Mormon friend he grew up with about the Book of Mormon and started reading it a little. We also talked to Patty and set up a time the next day to teach them. They are the sweetest people and I wanted to teach them soo bad. Sister Empey and I could just see them being baptized. So we came back and rang their doorbell. No one answered even when all their cars were at home. So we got back in the car and drove away. We called Patty to just see what happened or if they didn't here the bell, and she nervously just told us that they weren't ready for the gospel yet. It was SOO sad.. Urgh.. Satan is the pits.. The other sad thing was just the rainy weather.. hard to find when no one was outside! But we did our best :) 

So happy things! Because I have found, that no matter how many bad things happen, the happy always stands out so much more! :) So first of all, we picked up a former named Lily. She is from Vietnam and has no Christian background. We had a lesson with her and it was the BEST lesson Sister Empey and I have had so far! The spirit was so sweet and Lily really opened up and was excited to learn more about God and Christ. We will teach her slowly, but she is happy :) We invited her to come to church and she was so excited! Texting us about what to wear and whatnot. But she had a family thing come up.. so she couldn't, but she hopefully will next week! :) 

Another happy thing was we have been focusing a lot on working with members to find. We have been giving them a talk called Creating a Gospel-Sharing Home by Elder Ballard and committing them to think of ways they could share the gospel. I am continually amazed at the strength of members. We were meeting with a family yesterday and this is a little of their story. Parents are both converts and their families are super Catholic and give them a hard time for being Mormon. They had two kids on missions at the same time and during that time, the mom was diagnosed with Leukemia. So she has been going through treatments for awhile. Despite all the opposition they face, they were the happiest family, and they love the gospel. They use the gospel not to fix their problems, but to help them with them. Its just amazing to me. I love the members of this church who have testimonies of Christ. It makes a world of difference in their lives. I love you all :) Have a great week living the gospel of Christ :)


Sister Adamson

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