Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Easter Week :) March 21, 2016

First of all, I would like to have everyone watch this video: 

Its the Easter Video the church put out and I have yet to watch it without crying! Christ is really the Kings of Kings :) and He Lives :) Have a happy Easter everyone! 

Family and Friends,

This week was an interesting one! I'm sorry if my email last week made no sense.. My brain was fried so it was hard to think. We have lots a road blocks this last week. A lot of little ones that I won't even mention. This is the most random bits of opposition I have faced my whole mission. We must be on to something and Satan wants nothings to do with it! Despite all that happened, there were still miracles to be had and changes to be made!

First of all we had a great lesson with Rudolph. (the YSA that graduated from a bible college) We went over the Restoration again and the spirit was so strong. His heart has softened and even he sees the logic behind it. The Restoration just makes sense. It really does. However he still struggles a lot with the evidence of things. We were also dropped this week by a family we found because he wanted more evidence of the Book of Mormon. Seems to be a recurring thing these days. Its just a repeat of what we read in the scriptures. People want signs when Christ works through faith.

We also had a miracle! Krysta Drew self-referred herself online to have a bible delivered to her. So we set up a meeting with her and she is GOLDEN! She lives in a super rough part of town and didn't really know what to expect because everyone down there is on drugs, homeless, or just is mentally ill in multiple ways. Super sad when we go down there. But she is a cute young mom that grew up with a really rough past. She wished her family would have taught her about God so she would have made better decisions. So we will start teaching her this week! She had many contacts with the church and it just feels right to her! :) 

Next we had one of the craziest lessons ever. It was with a family Sister Smith found on exchanges and she talked about how prepared they were. So we got there and the circumstances of teaching were a little different.. There was a lady there who was super anti.. so asked us some very rude and disrespectful things. To add to that the 7 year old was crazy.. running around covered in dirt attacking the THREE dogs they had running around. Also there was a PIG. A decently large one too that may or may not have peed on the floor during the lesson. A bunny also showed up for awhile. Plus there was a two year old running about crazy climbing on furniture almost killing himself in the process. So it was a shaky telling of the Restoration. So we will try another approach to teach them this week. Even with the craziness, the mom really was trying hard to listen and wants to learn. So we will see how it works out. 

Amanda is also doing great! She went to the temple grounds and is getting ready to go in! I love seeing the difference in people when they get baptized. They probably don't realize it themselves the changes that happen to them, but I see. She is just happier and more confident. I'm so grateful for everything the gospel does for everyone. It really changes us and makes us better! :) Love you all! Have a great Easter Week!! HE LIVES!! :) 

Sister Adamson

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