Friday, March 18, 2016

This Week March 14, 2016

Dear Family and Friends,

So this week was so so interesting. Full of so many ups and downs. Started out well, talked to a few crazies.. One that wished the force would be with us..(60 year old granny that thought she was funny) and the another would have probably started having a heart attack soon because she was getting all worked up about Joseph Smith and us being a cult (she was playing a guitar for money near downtown). That's Spokane for ya :) Anyone want to come up here with me??  


Amanda was baptized this week! Whoo!! So great! It was the best baptism I have been to on my mission! Her testimony at the end was the greatest!! She said how at first she wasn't really into church, but then she just started coming and reading and praying about the Book of Mormon. She finally was able to gain her own spiritual witness that it is true! And has such a strong testimony. She said and I quote. "Joseph Smith is amazing, I cannot even pick out my own outfit in the morning--I don't even understand how he established this church. So I know he was a prophet of God." That's a new one huh? She is so sweet and we would be best friends if we could just hang out all day.. haha mission life. But she is great! Super happy for her and this choice she made! She also spoke how she faced lots of opposition from friends about her choice. She took comfort in the scriptures telling her to trust in God and everything would work out. So she did! 

I also had a great experience at church this week. All six hours of it was great! Every class and talk seemed to be directed at me. I have learned a lot about trials and how they help us grow. I was able to reflect on my life. In high school, my life was great and easy and happy. But that didn't lend me to much growth. Hawaii was also great, but there were some struggles so I was able to grow and learn. Now on my mission.. its like trials and struggles on steroids and a swim or die type environment.. But don't get me wrong, its been AMAZING and the best choice I have ever made, but it's hard. But I'm so thankful for my growth. I'm about of time, but its been an interesting week, but great at the same time!! LOVE YOU ALL!


Sister Adamson

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