Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Miracle Week :) February 29, 2016

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was great :) Kid you not! It was very long, but full of miracles and people being prepared to listen to our message! I'll focus this email a lot on the people here, because I'm always really bad at that and the people are great!

So first of all, we have been getting referrals from the 1st ward like crazy!! :) We have a lesson with one names Leonard this week! He has a struggling daughter and needs and wants guidance so our member referred him to us! So we will see how the lesson goes :) Also Sister Stratford in our ward has been dating a non-member for awhile. He has come to church and has had really cool experiences that have softened his heart. Sister Stratford set up a dinner for us to come and meet her whole family and her boyfriend this week. She pulled us aside after church and told us so strongly that we were sent to this ward for her boyfriend. The minute she found out sisters were coming she knew it was time! She was crying a bit telling us this! It is humbling. I know its not because we did anything special. We just simply are here serving and showing our willingness to do our best. That being said, it is a lot of pressure! But I'm excited for the opportunity to teach him!

Another family in the 1st ward. The Longs. He has been inactive for 20 years and his wife isn't a member. He has been into different addictions and has been trying for the last little bit to get on track. Mostly for his two little boys that he has. He has been going to all sorts of recovery meetings and has been meeting with the Bishop every week for about a month. (our bishop is amazing by the way, and I met him in Hawaii without knowing I did=small world!) So we heard that this family had a few hold-ups and weren't ready for the gospel because this or that.. WRONG! We stopped by and we had the most amazing conversation about the gospel with them. We were exchanging scriptures and he was telling us about his recovery and his desire to better himself for his family. We are having dinner with his family at the bishop's home next week! 

Next, we have Kaylee. Who has been working for one of our YSA members and coming to some activities! We taught her the Restoration this week! It was such a great lesson and she has been so prepared to hear the gospel. She is trying to turn her life around as well and has loved what she has heard so far. She is still not so sure about Joseph Smith or the Book of Mormon, but she is searching for the answer! She is willing to read and find out for herself! She even brought up baptism on her own and said that she would if she found it was true! :) Also, Amanda our on-date is doing really well! And took us to lunch on Saturday :) She is the cutest thing! :) And is growing so much!! But I think this was most of the cool things that have happened this week! We have been so blessed with prepared people and members doing missionary work! :) I have such a strong testimony and member missionary work! It truly is the best way to reach out to God's children that need this gospel!! I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Sister Adamson

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