Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Celestial March 7, 2016

Dear Family and Friends,

So my new word for about everything is celestial. How are you? Celestial. How was your day? Celestial. How was church? Celestial. You get the hint. But as for this last week if you would ask me how it was, I would say..... Celestial. Yep you guessed it! So many miracles and opportunities to share the gospel! 

To start out, our last P-day we just ran! We ran a few miles and it was the best, but boy am I out of shape! Sacrifice for the mission right? So that was a great start to the week! We had two lessons this week at Froyo (a frozen yogurt place). They were with students from a college here named Moody Bible School. It was interesting and brought me back to Moscow a little bit teaching Shadrack and Danny and other super Christian people. We have return appointments with them both, so we will see how that goes this week! 

While we were doing some YSA work, YSAs literally fell in our laps. We had an address that didn't exist for a Less Active and I was about to leave and try someone else, but Sister Smith wanted to knock on a door and ask if they knew them. Sure enough, he points us across the street where they really live. We had a great conversation with his girlfriend who isn't a member. We will see if we can start teaching her, but it was even a miracle we found her. Next there were these two punk teenagers on bikes and we talked to them. One said, "Hi sisters!! I'm less active!" So we invited him out to the YSA that he didn't really even know was a thing. He was telling us how much he knew he needed to come back to church! So that was a miracle to just run into him! (Coincidence?? I THINK NOT)

Next, we had a lesson with a family we tracted into a few weeks ago. They are so open and have had Mormon friends that they have loved! It was a great lesson! A little hard because they had two two year olds.. but what ya gonna do? But they accepted the invite to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it! So thats a good start :) We also had dinner with the Long family at our bishop's house! It was AMAZING! It could not have gone any better! Such great fellowship and we watched the old Easter video the church made and talked about the Atonement! The spirit was so strong! And when we were leaving, Brother Long made eye-contact with us and mouthed a sweet 'Thank You'. It was so sweet! 
One final celestial miracle! We got a referral for a YSA and we set up a lesson with him! We taught the restoration, and he really liked it! Another very open person and willing to read and pray! The members we brought too were great! I love member missionary work! :) So we have another appointment with Aaron this week! :) So many cool things happening in Spokane! :) 

Something that I really learned this week is how to love myself. I have been talking, thinking, and studying about charity these last few weeks. And I had these feelings of inadequacy and that I wasn't doing what the Lord wanted me to do, that I should be better at this or that. Just a lot of self-defeating thoughts. So we go to MLC and what does Sister Dymock train us on? How to love ourselves and being patient with our weaknesses. Such a blessing. I have learned to be patient and just try to do my best! I love my mission and all the experiences I am able to have! :) 

Sister Adamson

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