Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Changes :) May 2, 2016

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was long, but great! A quick little update on our investigators! So Janice (the one that put herself on-date last week) disappeared for a few days.. No contact..It was kind of funny. But then she came to church and said she has just been sick! She doesn't feel like the 7th is a good date for her anymore, but still wants to be baptized! She has been really changing lately. That's because she is starting to understand the doctrine of the lessons we have been sharing with her. She is a really slow learner and has been taught the first few lessons a few times. And now is is finally getting it! It's really cool!

Also about Issaiah! He is doing really well too! He came to church with a white shirt and tie! Which is a miracle for him! :) Still wears skinny jeans and high tops though.. haha all is due time! But not only has appearance changed, but his countenance has changed as well! :) He is happier and has more hope! I love how true doctrine, when understood really changes our behavior and helps us change! I love the doctrines of the gospel!

We also got to teach one of the recent converts in our ward named Nick. He was baptized in January and is a senior in high school! He is the only member in his family and wants to serve a mission! :) SO COOL! He keeps pamphlets and Book of Mormons in his locker at school and gives them out! He has given out three Book of Mormons already! Such a cool guy! He is fearless and I hope I can be like him when I get home! 

Also I learned a lot about myself at church this week. So I myself will strive to make some changes. I have learned a lot about hard work on my mission and I hope it will continue for the rest of my life! We had a lesson on having real intent. It was on a talk given at a devotional by Randall Ridd. It was really good so try and look it up!
look I even made it easy for you!! But some things that really stood out to me was that we as members of this church know what our purpose here is. And because we know that we don't have to live our lives trying to find our purpose, we can live our lives fulfilling that purpose! With increased vision come increased motivation. And living with real intent means doing the right things for the right reasons! I don't have time to comment on them! But look up the talk and read or listen to it :) It motivated me to be a better person! :) I love you all and will see you next week on Mother's day!! :) Have a great week! 

Sister Adamson

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