Friday, May 20, 2016

In Da Boons!! May 16, 2016

Dear Family and Friends,

I have thought long and hard about how to describe to you where I currently am serving. And Its hard to put it in words.. haha Our area is HUGE! We drive about 40 minutes in every direction and still be in our area. But its mostly farm land, cattle, and trees. We see way more cows than people some days. We see lots of mailboxes, but the houses are too far back behind the trees to even see them. So tracting alone in the woods.. probably not! We have cows in our backyard, trains that come by, and lakes everywhere! We have a little town called Medical Lake here of about 5000 people. They high school there is 1A.. So tiny!! Its been fun though! We get lost on dirt roads, and drive here and there trying to figure it out! The Bishop here is from Hawaii! So that's fun :) The people here are very diverse and interesting. The members are great though! I have already learned so much from the families here so it will be a great last few months on my mission here! :) 
So the work here going! We are working with a few part-member families that were found by the previous sisters! But other than the ward list, its hard to find new people to teach! We feel we will go to the cute little town of Medical Lake and contact there. We found a new investigator this week doing just that! So that will be the plan! And as always working with members. But it is hard at times for members to know their neighbors in the middle of the woods and can't see each other.. haha But Its great! I really like it here. Our mission is so diverse that you really have to re-learn how to do missionary work almost everywhere you go! So you are constantly tested and challenged! 

Sister Empey and I find plenty of opportunities to laugh and make fun of ourselves trying to figure things out. We love it though! There wasn't a ton of progress of investigators this week! There are two different part-member families that the daughters (9 and 15) can't get baptized until there not interested dads give them permission.. So we will be praying and hoping that that happens! But It is an adventure here I assure you! Hope to have some fun updates for next week! Love you all! :) 


Sister Adamson

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