Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Transfers! May 9, 2016

Dear Family and Friends,

This week I truly saw how the Lord really blesses us so much. There were so many tender mercies that happened this week. First of all, since we had already gone through our whole area book and tried potentials and formers all we have left to do is tract and street contact most of the day. And our area isn't very big. So pretty quickly we could tract our whole area in about two weeks at this rate. So that was pretty unmotivating when we would be planning for the next day. But one day, we were able to have a sister spend the day with us because of various meetings. So that was a blessing. We had a great time and tracted plenty, but we found joy in it :) It was really fun. I really love talking to people. We talked to very nice people that day, but weren't able to get any new investigators. But planted some solid seeds :) 

The next day, we were on exchanges so I was in my area with Sister Lott who is awesome!! :) Her family was less active, then she decided to go on a mission and her family became active again :) So that was cool to learn about her! But we had another day of just tracting and it was pretty hot. But guess what?? We even found joy in that! :) It was such a blessing :) We talked to a crazy lady from Scotland and she talked our ears off for about 20 minutes. We could hardly get a word in! She had a super thick accent too. It was funny. So we had a great day together! 

That's how I think the Lord works. Because honestly I was dreading those days. However, as I was praying for strength and help. I was able to receive it. My burdens were made light like we read about is Mosiah 24. I know for a fact that "without {Christ} we can do nothing" John 15:5. I would not be able to make it through my mission without him! 

Also, we had some lessons with Issaiah and Janice this week. Satan has been working really hard on them. So we might have to push back their dates. Issaiah got in some fights at school and Janice's health and son aren't doing too well. But they are doing what they can overcome all the opposition. It will be sad to leave them. We have final lessons with them tonight! 

So the result of transfers, Sister Empey and I will be staying together, but we will be sweeping into the Silver Lake ward in the Spokane West stake. We were able to go over there on Friday and Saturday to get to know the area a bit and I was able to see my trainer Sister Mills one final time before she goes home! That was such a tender mercy! I learned a lot about repentance this week and it's importantance. The gospel is a gospel of change and that change is brought about by repentance. So that was a good reminder to continue to repent and change for the rest of my mission and more importantly the rest of my life! Well I love you all!! :) It will be an interesting week ahead of us :) 


Sister Adamson

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