Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year!! December 28, 2015

Dear Family and Friends!

I hope you all had a great Christmas! It was one of my favorites! Talking to you all was great and I loved it! It was great to see all your lovely faces!! Such a blessing! :) 

So just to summarized this last week a bit. We recieved a lovely gift from one of our recent converts in our ward! They are from the Chuk Islands. (don't know how to spell it). She sewed us pillow cases and dresses that we wore at church! I felt like a sister in Hawaii for a day wearing it :) it was awesome! The Sams are older and have very little, but almost every time we go over there they give us something! And she was slaving away trying to make gifts for people in the ward. They are great and I will send a picture! 

We were able to find a part member family in the boonie part of our area! She is wanting to come back to church and cried during our simple lesson with her. It was just another testament to me that when people become inactive, they miss it. They may be happy and doing ok, but they know something is missing. The gospel really does fill holes we don't even know were there. It fills us with such peace and knowledge. So after our visit, we drove away on the ice roads in our dumb little car (which the kind of car we drive still escapes me). Sister Adamson may have been driving a bit too fast and drove into a snow bank.. we were so deep in it that I couldn't get out the driver's side... Whoops.. So there was only one house within a mile from where we were. So we got out and ran there! It was a nice young man that owns a farm, but her husband wasn't home. So she warmed up her huge Ford truck and tied some kind of scout knot and pulled our car out. It was amazing. The Lord takes care of his missionaries that's for sure! I also learned I need to learn how to tie knots like a scout does.. but that will be for a later time I suppose.. haha :) 

So we did lots of caroling and dropping of gifts to potential investigators, recent converts, and less actives! It was fun to see how happy people got after we gave them something so simple! It was really a happy time :) I love the feeling of giving! I felt that a lot this Christmas! So it was great!! 

So after we went to normal life, we contacted a media referral we got named Judy. It went something like this. She had a Target name tag on with the name Judy on it. We asked if she was Judy and she said no. I said, "Do you work at Target?" And she, "Yes" I said, "Oh well your name tag says Judy," And she said, "Oh well I had to borrow a tag," LIKELY STORY!!!! It was so funny. Sister M and I have a thing now where we go oh Judy from target. It makes us happy :) Haha But this week was great!! We are both staying here until February and both are STLs here. So that will be fun!! :) Well love you all!! Happy New Year!!


Sister Adamson

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