Monday, January 4, 2016

New Years!! January 4, 2016

Dear Family and Friends! 

This week was a very challenging one as well. The week after the holidays people sure are grumpy. On New Years Eve we tracted for five hours because we didn't have any appointments. I learned that the people here in Spokane are not very nice.. haha Makes me miss my small towns of Sandpoint and Moscow. So Sister M and I really struggled staying positive and not letting things get us down. We really know that the Lord is preparing people her for us and we are trying so hard to find them!! 

With all the obstacles and the freezing cold this week, we were able to still have some miracles :) First of all Brother Niemi. We found him going through the ward list. He has been inactive since he was a deacon. He recently has had many trials in his life that have brought him back to God and a desire to follow Him again. We taught him the restoration and the plan of salvation this week. He has almost no gospel knowledge so he is basically an investigator. He is so humble, teachable, and sincere. The lessons with him are soo spiritual. I love teaching the gospel. I all I did each day was teach appointments all day long, I don't think I would be coming home anytime soon.. haha But missionary work is a lot more than that! He also came to church this week for the first time in years. He stayed all three hours and enjoyed it so much! The ward really embraced him! :) 

Next, we had the family the live out in the boonies where Sister Adamson got herself stuck in a snow bank :) haha that we went and saw again. Her husband that's not a member participated in the lesson and it was also very spiritual! We had a member come named Sister Lund. She is in her 60s and is amazing. She reminds me of my mom and my grandma. After we were at her house for dinner awhile ago she said I reminded her of herself when she was younger. That to me was a HUGE compliment, because of the people I associated her with. I love that about missions. The people we get to meet. I'm continually amazed by the members of the church wherever you go. 

Also this last Sunday was amazing. I love fast and testimony meeting. It really is what you put into it determines the spirit you feel. I love bearing my testimony each time. I'm surprised on how easy is it for me now. Sister M also bore a very strong testimony. She is one of those people that has tasted the opposite side of life with no gospel because she is a convert. Every time she bears her testimony, she makes people cry. One day I will reach that level.. haha I just love our ward. We have been struggling getting to know the members because of the holidays and such, but our ward mission leader was a boss and told the ward council how much we have been tracting and the ward jumped on board to help us out! So this week should be much much better :)

I think i can say that I have had one of the all-time worst meals so far on my mission this week.. We helped a hoarder family organize some things. We were covered in dust. Then she brings out this chicken and dumpling something. It was so gross.. She even pulled out a hair from it, right in front of us, before she dished us up some.. I though I was going to throw up.. Sister M almost did.. it was discussing.. So that one will go down in my memory for life. On that note, have a great week :) love you all! Love this work, and love my Savior :)


Sister Adamson

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