Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Sometimes I don't know how to title my email.. January 11, 2016

Dear Family and Friends!! 

This week was great and went by super fast!! Getting the hang of things here in Spokane and some really cool blessings are coming to us! First of all I want to relate a little bit of what I learned at this week's MLC (missionary leadership council). We talked about D&C 93 and discussed how Christ received a fulness of grace, truth and light from our Heavenly Father, and because of Him, we too can receive that same fullness. I read this section before the meeting and DID NOT getting anything remotely close out of it as did our mission president. But basically what we learned is that to receive grace and to gain the fulness of grace, we must give grace. We do that by serving others and loving others. That's why callings in this church is so important. We give service to others and enable them to grow. And in return, we develop a greater ability to love and serve. Is essence we gain grace. If that made sense to you--great. haha We spent a lot longer discussing it! But it was really good!! 

So some things that happened this week!! We are still working with Brother Niemi. He is doing so well! The Lord has prepared him to come back to church after over 20 years! All we did was show up at his door one night! It is never too late to receive the blessings of the gospel and enjoy membership is God's church! We had an amazing thing happen this week as well! After 4 years of being inactive, Sister Long came to church!! And her non-member husband! Once again, the Lord prepares people so well. All we did was call her number from the ward list a few weeks ago, and she gladly let us come over. Sometimes, people are just waiting for someone to invite them, and to support them as they make these, often times, hard changes in their life. We just need to be the ones to invite! And we all can do that! Missionary or not! 

We also had a cool experience this week! We were looking for an address and we saw a lady outside and she kind of avoided us at first, but then we had an opportunity to talk to her and did! She recognized us as someone who could help her, which was really cool. She told us a lot of her story and she is going through a lot of problems right now. She has been on medications and lots of other things, so she's not all the way there. But she has a desire to change and is wanting to be better. We testified to her of the Atonement--its healing power--and of God's love for her. She started crying and we invited her to church. She didn't come this last Sunday, but we will keep trying. She has a big hole to get out of, but nowhere is too deep that the Savior can't save you. I heard a cool quote this week, "If you feel you are drowning in life, just remember, your lifeguard can walk on water." If we don't see her again, I know that we were there at that time, to make sure she knew God loved her, and to remind her to not give up. From that experience I know that God loves ALL of us. No matter where we are in life. 

This week we only got stuck twice in our car. Luckily the Lord always watches out for us and there are always super nice and capable people that pull us out! Its great! haha I'll send a picture of one and you can debate how we even got there in that position in the first place! We had a missionary gathering at our stake president's house for breakfast this week! They made the best pumpkin belgian waffles ever!! And Sister Adamson might have had three.. haha and the last one was a competition to see who could eat one the fastest.. peer pressure got me into that one.. haha I didn't win because elders are crazy.. haha but still did pretty good :) haha So that was fun! We also did some Russian work with my companion, and I used the gift of tongues to figure out what they were talking about :) works pretty well :) haha Russians are very nice, but not interested.. very strong baptists and pentecostal. But it was a cool experience anyways :) Well that was my week! Love you all!!! 


Sister Adamson

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