Sunday, January 31, 2016

1 Year In Spokane! January 25, 2016

Dear Family and Friends! 

It's so weird that it's been a year since I entered the mission field. It has gone by so fast. This last week was good! Full of blessings and challenges as always!!

I was able to go on exchanges with Sister Bryson this week!! Whoo!! It was nice to get to work with her again and see her growth! I love watching missionaries grow and change. I just hope I'm also growing and changing along with them! So that was fun! :) While we were together we had dinner at a semi-crazy less actives house. We were eating lentil, bean, and onion, and a mystery meat soup on our laps (no table). And I got distracted and about half of the hot soup just started spilling on my lap.. So that was delightful. But as always I recovered with grace and dignity :) haha 

So this week we did a lot of.. whats the word again? Oh ya. TRACTING. And can I tell you how much that is not a fun thing to do. We are really frustrated with the lack of support the ward is giving us. Their priorities are elsewhere, yet they expect success in their missionary efforts. Its hard to get people to come out to lessons with us, and even support a recent convert in our ward who is really struggling. Its so frustrating. To help with that however, we had a zone conference that bishops, ward mission leaders, and other leaders were invited to attend. (I will say that Brother Frederickson was there! So yay to the Hawks family! The Fredericksons are great) It really united members and missionaries. Our mission president said that members aren't here to help the missionaries in their work, it's the other way around. Missionaries are here for members! So I think that really sunk into our bishop's mind. At ward council he said at the beginning, "I feel that we have been letting our sisters down. We need to be the ones finding and they should just be teaching." I almost cried. Because Sister M and I have really been trying hard to find new people with little success and it does get discouraging. So I'm looking forward to the changes that will begin to happen here! 

Other than that, our less actives and part member families are doing well! We had so many returning at church there on Sunday! Nothing better then sitting at church and seeing who is there, knowing that you had a small part of getting them there! Its always such a tender mercy to just be an instrument in the Lord's hands. Like I said before, all it takes is to invite someone. Sister Makovei and I have so much fun together. She makes me laugh so hard I cry. She still is working on her English so its fun to decipher words she is trying to say. It's been great to have her as a companion. She makes it fun for me :) So thats a big blessing. She leaves next week, just before the end of our transfer. So president might put us into a trio. We had a meeting with the zone leaders, stake president, mission president, and us and in the meeting they said they might switch up which wards have elder and which have sisters. So I wouldn't be surprised if something crazy happens this transfer!! :) Time will tell!! well I love you all!! :) Hope you have a great week!! 


Sister Adamson

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