Friday, December 18, 2015

Holy Cow! December 7, 2015

So uh.. Sister Adamson is no longer in Moscow..
We got the call late Friday night that I was leaving and Sister Bryson was going to be a trio in the family ward. We were bawling... So that was insane. We had to pack and be out Saturday at 2. Two other sisters in our zone left as well. Its because we are all university and the work is really slow during the holidays. And I took a sister's spot here that was going home. So now I'm in Spokane in the ghetto/super rich area and my new companion is an outbound temple square--Sister Makovei! She's from Ukraine and absolutely adorable and super excited to be here! She will be here until February! So make sure and go see her while she is there! We found out that we were in the MTC at the same time, but had no idea! So that's cool!

So a little more about where I am now. I was able to got the ward yesterday and the ward is awesome! I got to bare my testimony and I think the ward really liked that being my first time there and all! But can I tell you.. We have the weirdest combination of people here. Part of our area is super nice and rich and we have a few ghetto areas that we can't go at night.. and lots of our ward is rich and super put-together people, then we have some hipsters that have the pink-gray hair look, and then some really poor people. Its been interesting. And it smells like marijuana quite often. I don't quite know how to process the information. 
Leaving Moscow was rough. I had to say goodbye to Kara.. She said when we told her she cried for an hour.. But when we said by to her, she bought us yummy drinks and pound cake at Starbucks! It was the cutest thing. I'm going to miss her a lot.. Its also really sad to leave Sister Bryson.. urgg.. She's my baby.. She is the sweetest, most genuine person I have ever met. So its sad, but I know everything happens for a reason! 

Before I left I was able to go on an exchange with a sister in our zone thats had a hard time adjusting to the mission. It was AMAZING! We were able to talk about her struggles and she opened up during one of our lessons and she told us about some hard things she has gone through. I feel like such a weakling sometimes because my life has been so easy I feel like. Even Sister Makovei. Her dad died when she was 2, then she joined the church when she was 16 and sacrificed so much for her mission. I can learn a lot from people like this! :) So I'm grateful for that!! Well that's about all the time I have left today.. I love you all! And keep me in your prayers PLEASE! This has been a crazy few days and I haven't quite recovered yet. Hopefully this email kind of made sense.. hahah. Oh and If you want to send me anything for Christmas, just send it to the mission home for now! I don't have my new address yet!

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