Friday, December 18, 2015

Manito :) December 14, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

This week has been one of the hardest of my mission, but I have grown and learned a lot. The teaching pool we have here is super small, but Spokane is one of the highest baptizing areas in the mission. They just baptized a few people before I got here so that's what they were focusing on. So we are starting at ground zero. So its been a lot of tracting street contacting and having fun getting lost over and over again! I often think to myself, what is a girl from Utah and Ukraine doing driving around with our heads cut off! But its fun!! We were able to find a few people this week, but they aren't too solid yet so we will see!!

We had a training from our mission president this week about planning and goal setting--story of a missionary's life! But it really pumped us up to fix everything is this area. So we went back home, rearranged our apartment and began to fix the area book. We have lots of work to do, but we learn something new every day! 

We have an awesome ward here! I already feel apart of their family! Its cool how no matter where you go, there are awesome members of the church. I can't imagine how hard it was to pick just a few stories to fit into the Meet the Mormons movie. So i'm so grateful for that. I have also grown a big appreciation for fasting and prayer. I of course was having a hard time this week, and was brought to my knees. I was getting too comfortable in Moscow and as a result I got booted out of there! So missions keep you on your toes!! 

We saw a few little miracles this week with some less actives and inactives. We found a single mom with five kids. She is divorced and has been inactive for years because of questions that she has had that she could never find answers too. While we were they you could tell she wanted to come back and raise her daughters in the church. None of them have been baptized and it would be amazing to bring them into the church!! The spirit was so strong during the lesson and we testified of God's love for her and her family. It brought tears to her eyes. It's amazing what the gospel and God's love can do for everyone of us! Sometimes thats all we need to know. That we are loved by God. So this Christmas season, find opportunities to show God's love to others. We all need it. So i'm excited to see where she will go. 

Our areas covers downtown Spokane, to the boonies of farm land. So this week we went out to Spangle, WA and got lost there. Haha missions are fun. We didn't find anyone out there to teach from us tracting the whole town. haha It was a tiny place. So the mission keeps us on our toes! Hopefully this email made sense. Missionaries are surrounding this Family History Center and making it hard to focus.. haha so have a good week! Love you all!!!  


Sister Adamson

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