Thursday, December 3, 2015

Happy Happy Frozen Fog!! November 30, 2015

Dear Family and Friends!

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! I just want to say how much I have learned about gratitude on my mission! Months ago when I was having a hard time I started writing my gratitude journal every morning, and it always amazed me how many things I had to be grateful for. That has changed my thinking and no matter what is happening, I always have something to be thankful for. I'm so grateful for that lesson, and I know that way of thinking will bless me later on and help me be happy NOW rather than waiting for a future point in order to be happy. Wow that was a tangent.. anyways on Thanksgiving we got to go to some members for dinner and it was great! They have a little boy that reminds me soo much of Ryder! So that was a little mercy :) a bit of home away from home!! Oh and then after we had our early dinner... Sister Adamson went on a 4 mile run while Sister Bryson biked alongside :) (Because that was apart of our approved holiday activity list) It was awesome :) I LOVE RUNNING!! :) whoot! 

So we University peeps made it through the first set of holidays! The campus was more empty than it was in the summer! Almost no cars and no movement.. So we had to be pretty creative in order to be productive and not discourage us! For example we went out to the community and Moscow and raked random people's yards. We prayed before we left to be led to someone who needed that service and boy were we! We ended up (miraculously I might add) at a disabled ladies house and raked 10 bags of leaves from her small front yard, we then shared with her the Christmas video that the church has out now! :) It was awesome! We are truly led by the spirit to help those in need!

Other than that, we had a few lessons. We were at the institute at a meeting and someone comes in and tells Sister Bryson and I that some girls are waiting for us outside. So we went to see who it was and it was our friends from Nepal! We weren't able to get a hold of them, but they just showed up! So we taught them the Restoration and they both loved it! They couldn't believe that we could pray to God AND get answers! It was a great lesson, but then they dropped of the face of the earth again. But I know we will find them again soon! 

We had a lesson with our ward mission leader and his family and we shared the Restoration. Its my favorite message to share with members! While I was reciting the first vision, Brother and Sister Johnson started crying. Man I love it when that happens! They bore such strong testimonies about the restoration and we all were just pumped for missionary work again!! I love it when people just really feel that the gospel is true! We are not converted by what we know, we are converted by how we feel! :) 

So I went on my first exchange as an STL! It was fun! I went to Pullman to be with Sister Rogers! It was on Saturday and man was it DEAD! To bring in the title of the email there was so much fog and frost EVERYWHERE! It looked like it snowed, but it was just frost from the freezing fog! So that was something I have never experienced! The good old northwest though! All and all things are good here :) thank you for everything and all the support. Oh and by the way you better put me on the list of holiday greeting cards! :) I want to see all your faces!! Happy December tomorrow!! :) 

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